Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something new...

No, not THAT something new...I already have that all taken care of! Although I am lacking the blue, borrowed and old...but that’s a post for another day.

This is just something new that I’m thinking about. Yes, B, it’s still about the wedding. No big shocker there! But it’s concerning our ring bearer. Not the who – that was easy, it’ll be B’s son, who is eleven years old. And yes, I know that to some people out there, an eleven year old boy is too old to be the official ring bearer. Well, I’m having a wedding, not for the first time, and I have decided to not care what is popular or normal. It’s more important to us that he WANTED to be the ring bearer, asked us specifically if he could do that job to be involved in the wedding. Of COURSE we didn’t say no!

So we’ll have an eleven year-old boy for our ring bearer and a seven year-old flower girl, my daughter. This involves them in the wedding in a very important way, which we’re proud to do. Having older child attendants for the ring bearer and flower girl does present a few little logistical problems.

For J, it’s not that big of a deal since she’s on the older side of the flower girl range...she’s still a girl and carrying a basket of flowers is right up her alley.

But carrying a little pillow with rings on it for the eleven year old boy? This might be a little harder. Not that he’s mentioned having a problem carrying the pillow down the aisle, but that could just be because I haven’t brought home any really girly examples for the ring pillow yet.

In the beginning stages of planning, I just thought that I would make the pillow and not make it too ruffly or girlie. Maybe a nice damask fabric that would incorporate our black and cream theme nicely. And that’s a good solution if T doesn’t mind carrying the pillow. But then I saw this...

I was catching up on the older posts from this bride and she had this inspiration posted on her blog. What do you think?

I think that this COULD be a good solution to the problem if T decides that carrying a pillow is not particularly up his alley. I think that it could also be a way to incorporate some family history into our wedding by using a Bible from one of our parents or grandparents. And I really like the idea of putting ribbons into a marked position to a passage of scripture that has meaning to us.

It’s a little non-traditional, but hey, let’s be honest here – our wedding is ALL about non-traditional elements! So, my vote is it’s a keeper of an idea. What’s your vote? Be sure to comment and let me know.

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