Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Registering for School...

With all the excitement about wedding stuff going on and consuming what feels like my whole life at the moment, it’s nice to take a minute and do something totally unrelated to the wedding.

Yesterday I registered J at her new school. Yes, she’s a big-time SECOND grader’s official, I saw the report card where it shows her being promoted. Hang on, let me wipe the tear from my eye...

Yes, I’m being dramatic, but this is my BABY we’re talking about, people! She’s not supposed to be in the second grade yet...seriously. She’s going to be SO mad that I went to do this without her, but it was just easier. And it’s not like they told me who her teacher will be or which classroom is going to be hers, she’s just officially registered to go to that school. The lady at the desk that helped me out with everything told me that there was a meet-the-teacher night scheduled for August 20th, and the first day of school is the 24th.

So, I guess it’s time to buy school supplies and wait for the big day. Maybe I’ll even take some pictures this year...

J is REALLY excited about her new school, even if all of her parents are not. We’re still on a wait list to be transferred possibly to another school that would have been closer for my ex to take her to school and continue our shared custody arrangement. But as the days draw nearer, I wonder what will really happen in August when school starts. Or in September when he re-marries. I hope for her sake that nothing changes. That we’re all able to keep the arrangement that we’ve had since we separated several years back. But my gut says that’s just wishful I’ll wait patiently and cross my fingers that it all goes well. Or that she’ll make the adjustments that need to be made ok.

It’s just hard when you’re planning a wedding to remember that there ARE other things going on in the world...not that we watch the listen or keep up with foreign events so much, but there are things that are happening in our lives that do NOT revolve around our wedding.

What other things are going on in your life that you keep up with too, in addition to planning your wedding? Do you find it hard to balance, or does it all just work out for you?

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