Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Bling...

Yep, it’s time for us to start looking for our wedding bands. I know, it’s still a little far out to be doing that, but in actuality we’re under the 3 month mark, and I just have a horror of picking out what we want, but waiting to order them and then not being able to get them in after we made the decisions on the suits the other day, we stopped off at our local jewelry store where B had gotten my engagement ring.

Now, I know that at a “big box” jewelry store, we might find a better deal, but I guarantee you that you can’t beat the customer service that Patty and the entire staff at Benold’s in North Austin have shown to B and myself. Patty was great when B was picking out my engagement ring, even if I did make it easy on him by falling in love with one particular setting. But she went above and beyond working with him on the diamond and pricing and just really handled everything smoothly. Then when we had to take the ring back to get re-sized, she handled the entire process smoothly. If you’re an Austin bride, you just can’t beat the service at Benold’s.

And here’s a little shopping savvy tip...go to the Benold’s website here and click on the coupon box found in the upper right hand corner. Signing up to receive emails will garner you a 20% off coupon! 20% off from a jewelry store! Score!

So in case you can’t remember (or if I never posted it!) here is what my engagement ring looks like, along with the wedding bands.

Isn’t it pretty? I LOVE it.

The only difference is that I just want one band for now. Maybe for an anniversary somewhere down the road, another band can be added. Wink, wink – hint, hint...

Are you totally in love with your engagement ring? Or have you gone back and forth over the ring that you’ll plan on wearing the rest of your life?

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