Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Have Dress Envy

I didn’t think that this would happen to me, I really didn’t. You see, I HAD that moment in the bridal salon and you’re trying on dresses and you slip a certain dress on and you just FEEL it that THIS is the dress that you’re meant to have. I did, I really did. And as I read wedding blogs and look at pictures of weddings and such, I really have not coveted another bride’s dress.

Until now...may I present the dress that made me turn pea green with envy?

Isn’t it gorgeous? Not that my dress isn’t gorgeous. My dress is. And my dress is TOTALLY perfect for literally screams my name. But this dress...well, it’s also perfect. At least, I think it is as I gaze lovingly at my computer screen.

I’m trying to tell myself that it wouldn’t flatter me at all. That it would make me look fat. That the whimsical flowy-ness wouldn’t work at ALL for me and my own style...but still, it turns my head a little bit.

Just a teeny little bit.

Since I am an encore bride, and I’ve had more than one wedding dress, I’ve already had dresses in different styles. Each was appropriate for who I was at that time...just as this one is. With this not being my first wedding, I didn’t think that I would experience lust for another wedding dress, but apparently I was wrong.

Did you have dress envy? Or did you never so much as glance at another wedding dress? I envy YOU if that’s the case!

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