Friday, July 31, 2009

Man Bling...

So on to B’s bling.

I might have mentioned before that he’s a manly man, but I might not have mentioned that safety codes will not allow him to wear his ring everyday. Yep, you read that right, he cannot wear his ring while at work. He doesn’t work in the yard on the machines much anymore since he made the move to supervisor and then management, but it does happen occasionally that he gets into a machine to help out his guys.

Therefore, he won’t be sporting his ring on a daily basis. It’ll mainly be for weekends and when we go out somewhere. Does this make me sad? A little bit, but I understand. It’s a safety reason, and I definitely would prefer that he not wear his ring rather than possibly lose a finger because he wore it while around some of the machinery that we have at our facilities. he’s pretty particular about his taste in jewelry. I’ll have to admit to being shocked by what he did and sometimes didn’t like. He found a favorite at Benold’s when we stopped in to look, but he about had a heart attack when he saw the price on the ring...apparently men’s wedding rings are more expensive than he remembers from before. After calming him down, and getting the maker and design number and right size, I assured him that we could look around online and see if there were some other options that he would love equally as much in the same style without breaking the bank. Let me be clear...I am more than willing to pay what Benold’s wants for his ring. My ring is gorgeous and I love it, and if that is the ring that B loves best, then I don’t really care what it costs – within reason, of couse!

So here are some lovelies that we found when perusing the internet last night...

Early on in the planning process, I think before we were actually engaged even, B mentioned wanting bling on his ring. Now he says that he was joking, but I’m not so sure...this one made it into his favorites folder as well.

Do you notice a pattern? Yep, they’re all manly looking, without a lot of “girliness” to them, they all sport the brushed metal look, and most of them have vertical lines etched. This seems to be a pattern that he likes. We’re still searching for the exact ring that we saw at Benold’s, but ring #1 is the closest that we’ve found so far.

Stay tuned to see which one we’ll end of purchasing...or maybe just narrowing down the choices a little – I didn’t realize we picked so many last night!
Was it easy for your guy to pick out his ring? B keeps telling me that he’s not going to fall in love with his ring like I did mine when I found it...why not? Why can’t guys do that? Or is it just MY guy that doesn’t do that?
*MOST of the rings came from this seller or this seller on ebay...except for ring#1, source here

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