Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Go…or Not to Go???

So there I was…sick as a dog…what’s a girl to do? I can’t imagine cancelling this trip. It took two months for the three Maids and I to find one weekend where no one had anything going on that we couldn’t work around, so I couldn’t imagine telling them at the last minute that we’d have to reschedule. Not that they wouldn’t understand, but you get what I’m saying.

The good news is that when my alarm went off Friday morning, I immediately took my temperature and it was back down into normal range. A solid 97.9, which is still a little high for me, but workable. I just took it easy and rested for a bit and then took a bubble bath. Right before the bath, I took my temp again, and it was totally normal, 97.5.

In the meantime, I’ve talked with MOH twice. She’s got errands and things to do during the morning anyway, so she decides to go ahead and do that, giving me some time to relax a bit and then call back to check and see how I feel. So I take my bath and then hop out and lay down for a quick nap. Once I lay down, I take my temp again, thinking that I’ve had enough time to “cool off” from my bath. Temp reads 99.4.

Hmmm…not good. Not bad, but not good.

I lay there for about two hours…just trying to snooze, but can’t really because my head hurts a bit. Mr. CC calls to check on me and we talk for a bit, nothing major. He encourages me to do whatever I feel like doing. He wants me to go, because he knows how much I had been looking forward to all of this…but he also doesn’t want me to go and be sick all weekend. After talking with him, I check my temp one more time…99.4…again.

Not really enough to stay, but enough to make me feel a little bad and not be sure about going. Either way, when MOH calls to check on me, I tell her to come on over. I warn her that she’ll be driving while I “recover” and she’s fine with that.

We hit the road right on time, only about 30 minutes later than we had originally planned on leaving. I drove us up through to North Austin, where we stopped and had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Posados. After some lunch and an ice cream cone, I have to admit that I was feeling better – must have been the ice cream! MOH took the wheel from there on and got us to Dallas in record time. By the time we got there, my temp was registering back down at 98.3, and I popped some more Advil and we made our first shopping stop.

I wanted to pick up some of the eggplant fabric that I had seen about two months earlier while up in Dallas on a business trip. I should have bought it then, but wasn’t really sure what I would use it for other than tablecloths. As you can probably guess, it was no longer there. Oh well. Wasn’t meant to be.

By this time I’m a little pooped. MOH and I head over to Maid Britney’s house. She was off of work by this time, and anxiously awaiting our arrival. We settled in and I got to lay back for a bit, while the girls met each other and we talked wedding. Which is SO much fun for ANY bride! Two of my Maids already knew each other, but Maid Britney only knows me. It was great to see two of my close friends hit it off so well…Britney just slipped into our little group like she’d always been our friend. It’s a relief to every bride to know that her Maids get along…

After a bit, we decided to go over to Maid Britney’s recently-purchased-and-not-moved-into-yet home to check it out. After oohing and aahing appropriately for a bit, offering our wisdom and advice to young Britney, we all decide that the house is a keeper and she’s going to love it. There’s painting to do before the big move in, and she’s going to have SO much fun settling in – we can’t wait to see those paint samples!

Off to dinner at BJ’s (my favorite!) where we introduced MOH to the pizzookie…a dessert that HAD to be invented by God himself. Nothing is better than a hot cookie in a deep-dish pizza pan served with ice cream. I tell you, I could have just skipped the pizza that we ate for dinner and just had dessert! After having another good meal in me, I decide that I’m probably going to live and not run fever that night. Which is GREAT news for all concerned!

Back to Britney’s apartment to settle into our pjs and watch a chick flick (what else would we do on girls’ weekend?) and get ready for our big day tomorrow…we’re all SO tired (especially me!) and think that we’ll sleep in a bit.

But that’s NOT what happened…we were up BRIGHT and EARLY for our day of shopping! Stay tuned to find out how it went and see the first of the pictures on our search for the perfect bridesmaid dress…and yes, the infamous “chicken dance” is also coming up…

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