Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maids Dresses...Part I

I’ll try to wrap this re-cap up today…since most of the people that read my blog were actually in attendance, these last few posts MIGHT have been a bit boring! Then again, seeing the pictures today might actually solidify that we made the right selection…

So there we are, MOH, Maid Britney and myself…wide awake at like 7:30…just waiting for the day to start. We were SO excited to start our day that we couldn’t sleep in, no matter how late we stayed up the night before. And when I say that we were sitting around waiting, we were actually sitting around waiting – our appointment at Alfred Angelo (where we were meeting up with everyone else) wasn’t until 10:00.

Tired of waiting at the apartment, we made our way through to Chick-Fil-A for a quick snack. Maid Momma had graciously offered to bring do-nuts to us, but that wasn’t until 10…and the bridal store actually took possession of them when she walked in – so it’s a good thing that we ate.

The first order of business at Alfred Angelo was letting the ladies see me in my dress. I also wanted to play with my hair options a little bit and work with some veils. I promise, that we did ALL of that and made some great headway on those decisions, but that’s a post for another day. This post is about my Maids!

Once I finished up my prancing and primping and all in front of SO many mirrors – I mean, what girl wouldn’t make a few funny faces, “Britney”? – I quickly ushered my Maids into their dressing room to start trying on the dozens of dresses that we had selected for them to try on. My vision of the wedding was each of them wearing a different LBD. Who doesn’t need a killer LBD in their closet? No one that I can think of! But I was trying to stay open to the idea of matching dresses as well, that looked more like bridesmaids dresses, since I wasn’t sure how the different LBDs would look all together. Just because I think that something will look good, doesn’t mean that it will in real life…

So here are a few options that we tried on…I mean, that THEY tried on…Mama CC and I just watched from our love seat. I had my camera handy and took a snapshot of them each time that they came out…so there are LOTS of pictures! (Left to right: MOH, Maid "Britney" and Maid Momma)

What shopping experience isn't complete until you have the "rock star" pose?

As you can tell, all the dresses are different. I was really only contemplating two colors – black or eggplant. I wasn’t against the eggplant, but knew that if we went that route, that it would mean that they wouldn’t be able to wear the dress anywhere else. Hmmm…

Here they are trying to show me them in the same dress. A lot of the styles that we seemed to have a knack for picking only had two of that dress in the store, so more often than not, there were just two dresses to see side-by-side.

This blue dress was an early front-runner favorite - it flattered eveyrone!

We also played around with the idea of MOH being in a different dress and the other two Maids being in the same dress...

MOH really liked the dress that she's got on in all of these last pics, but was quick to point out that being so tight and fitted would be difficult for moving around at some point.

Hmmm…LOTS to think about, and I’m getting hungry. Let’s move on ladies! You haven’t convinced me to give up the search for a LBD at the mall. I still think that we can find something on sale (because who doesn’t like to spend LESS than $100-$150 on a bridal dress?) that would work within my vision. And since all of the dresses at AA were in colors, it was too hard for me to try to imagine the dresses in black and all different styles. I’ve never been very good at getting images in my head, so I need to pack these ladies off to the mall and get them in different LBDs so that I can either go with it or cross it off the list completely.

But you know what? It was NOON! We had spent TWO HOURS in Alfred Angelo…and the natives (mainly me) were getting hungry! After a quick stop at DSW (Mama CC had NEVER been in a DSW! Can you believe it? She was in a little bit of shock at first, I’m pretty sure…) to glance around for me some funky colored wedding shoes, we headed off for lunch. No, we didn’t find any wedding shoes, but I got some new running shoes at half price and Britney snagged up some nice work shoes as well.

For lunch, there was really only one option. No, there are LOTS of restaurants in Frisco to choose from, but there was only one option for me…Babe’s. Babe’s Chicken is a local favorite and I was PUMPED to realize that there was a new location open in Frisco…Mama CC and MOH had never heard of Babe’s much less eaten there. It’s Maid Momma’s favorite chicken place, and she never gets to eat there because her hubby isn’t a huge fan. Britney and I always try to eat there one night together when I’m in town, so it was an easy choice of where to go for lunch.

As always, lunch was FABULOUS! We converted two new fans to Babe’s Chicken, and then had a priceless moment over dessert. We had a very cool waitress, and as we all ordered one piece of pie to share between us, one of the girls (I SO wish that I could remember who!) mentioned something to the waitress about bringing out birthday cake. She asked me if it was my birthday, and I was quick to say not yet, but this is the only time that all of us would be together to celebrate my birthday. Our waitress innocently dropped off our pie and we dug in.

Before I knew it, a long line of waiters and waitresses had surrounded our table, and our waitress plopped a large hot pink hat on my head and asked me to stand up. Being the good sport that I am, I obliged. I was given a cone cup for my “beak” and asked to do a little chicken dance while they sang to me. I think that the pictures speak for themselves…

Yes, it was a good time! My Maids got to embarrass me, my mother was there to witness the event, and a general good time was had by all. Even more so because it was captured on film!

From Babe’s Chicken we headed off to the Frisco Mall in our search for three LBDs. Were we successful in our quest? You’ll have to stay tuned for ONE more post…but there are more pictures, I promise. And a REALLY funny story about Maid Britney strutting her stuff…

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