Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Maids’ Weekend that ALMOST Wasn’t…

So a few months ago, my Maids and I decided that in order for me to accomplish my vision with their dresses we would all have to get together and go shopping. That’s coordinating four schedules to find one perfect weekend that works for everyone…so that we can all look at the same time.

If you’ll remember from my post here and here, I wanted to do the new trend of LBDs for my Maids. Yep, I wanted each of them to wear a different little black dress. Something dressy enough to distinguish them out of the crowd, but not so dressy that they’d never have a reason to wear the dress again. I know, I know. I can hear you there in the background…no one ever wears their bridesmaid dress again, no matter how hard the bride might try to pick a dress that can be worn again.

Can you imagine how difficult it might be to coordinate four schedules, with only two girls actually living in the same vicinity? It was a little difficult. I think that I emailed the Maids back in April to start the discussions, and the first weekend that we were all available wasn’t until June. Wow. Most of that was my fault, as little CC was in soccer and I didn’t have free weekends until after soccer season was over.

So…we mark the day on our calendars…and we count down to the actual weekend. We make all of these GRAND plans about it being a “calorie free” weekend, and cheating on my workout regime, and all of the things that we’re going to accomplish on this weekend. This is a chance for me to take some of the floral stuff with me so that they can see them face to face, and we’re jus all excited about it. And luck held with us, the weatherman predicted glorious weather (if a little on the HOT side!) and Mama CC was even free to join up with us.

Look’s like all is well, right? Right…

All was well. Until about 1 o’clock Thursday afternoon. The Thursday before the Friday that I had scheduled half a day of vacation so that MOH and I could drive to Dallas and get there early enough to relax in the evening before our big shopping day. What happened at 1 o’clock on Thursday? I’ll tell you. I started to not feel well. Not bad, but not quite right. Sort of light-headed and dizzy all at the same time, but not so bad that I needed to lie down. I couldn’t think of anything that I had eaten that was bad or making me feel off…but I knew that something wasn’t quite right.

I had had plans to meet up with my dad and uncle who were in town to watch their great-nephew play ball in the state championship game. (That would make him my second cousin, MOH and I figured out!) But to be perfectly honest, with the way that I was feeling…sitting out in 100 degree weather to watch a ballgame just wasn’t that appealing to me. So I called my dad to cancel. Since they were planning on spending the night with us, he checked to make sure that was ok, but since I didn’t feel that bad, I said sure.

I picked up little CC (who WAS crushed that we weren’t going to the game with G-Daddy) and headed home. But I felt so bad while driving that I kept Mr. CC on the phone with me the whole time just to make sure that I made it. When I walked in the door Mr. CC took charge - he had already ordered pizza so that I didn’t have to cook and he herded little CC off and sent me up to take a bubble bath. When I don’t feel good, a bubble bath or chicken noodle soup can solve most of my problems…

But it didn’t work that night. I soaked for a while and then decided that I might be hungry and made my way back downstairs. I managed to finish two small pieces of pizza and then laid back down on the couch watching a movie with Mr. CC and little CC. Before long, I was cold – no big shocker, it’s a meat locker in our house! But I was more than cold. I was chilled. It wasn’t much longer after I first got chilled, that I grabbed a second blanket…and then a third. I was violently shaking with chills by the time that Mr. CC came back downstairs from his shower. He immediately found the thermometer and checked me out. Yep, I was sick. It read 101.3…that might not sound like a lot to some of you, but I don’t run fever. My normal body temperature is lower than the standard 98.6 that most everyone else stays at, so a temperature of 101 on me would be like 102 on normal people.

I was sick. And SO mad about it! I was bound and determined not to let a little bug ruin my weekend, but I didn’t want to get anyone else sick either. And since I felt so bad, I knew that there was NO way that I could shop in my condition…I talked Mr. CC into doing me one last favor and calling MOH to tell her about my fever and to have her call me before she got on the road to head to my house. I didn’t want to make her drive to my house just to find out that I can’t go, you know? Of course, this wasn’t until 10pm, and Mr. CC was a little worried about calling MOH that late. I would have done it, but my teeth were actually chattering from the chills.

After 4 blankets being on me for about an hour…and 4 Advil for the fever…I was finally able to warm up a little bit. I made it off to bed, but wasn’t sure about the next day. I called in sick for work – so much for working half the day – and made plans to sleep in a little bit and recover. Or try to. You know the old saying, the show MUST go on? I just couldn’t imagine cancelling our trip…or when we’d all be free to do another weekend like this.

Stay tuned to find out what happened…well, that’s silly - I already spilled the beans yesterday and told you that the trip happened…just stay tuned anyway to hear about all the fun things that happened, even if I wasn’t 100%!

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