Monday, June 15, 2009

Work-Out Wagon Results - Week #4

I had the HONOR of spending the entire weekend with my “panel” that I so lovingly wrote about the other day…needless to say, I’m exhausted! But SO happy with all that we got accomplished, and truly feeling blessed to have the wedding party of a bride’s dreams! My girls are GREAT…this past weekend just proved it.

While I’m still waiting for the rest of the pictures to trickle through to me so that I can tell you all about what all we got accomplished this past weekend, and getting my thoughts in order, I think it’s a great time to post my results for last week.

You want to know how I know that my Maids are the best? They offered me a “by” for this week. You know how in sports playoffs when there’s an odd number and someone gets to “win” that week without even playing the game? Well, my Maids told me that I didn’t have to report my work-out wagon results this week! Aren’t they SO sweet?!?! Since we were spending the weekend shopping and eating and doing bridal stuff, we had deemed the weekend to be “calorie free” and ate at most of my favorite restaurants…including dessert at several stops!

But I just can’t do it. So, a big thanks to my Maids for giving me the option, but I feel like I need to still be accountable.

Here we go!
Last Week’s Stats: Weight – 150
Tummy – 33.5/37.5 (true waist/ “tummy”)
Thighs – 23.5

Last Week’s Goals: (I’ve once again put my actual results in BOLD)
Two P90X workouts – chest/back and arms/shoulders along with ab workout I didn’t do ANY P90X workouts…maybe one ab routine – SO BAD!
One additional ab workout during the week Already answered above
Run three times a week – starting the Couch Potato to 5K program I ran twice, which was short of my goal, but I DID follow the program with no problem
Make better food choices I mentioned the no calorie weekend, right? Yeah, so that answers this one…

So, have seen the actual v. the goals for last week, you might think that my current stats would be worse than they are. Even I was shocked!

Current Stats:
Weight – 149
Tummy – 32.75/37.25 (true waist / “tummy”)
Thighs – 23.5

Not bad, huh? And actually, instead of a “by” the Maids also told me that I could post my weight from Friday. Just to be silly, I weighed myself before I left on my weekend trip (the whole trip actually almost didn’t happen…more on that later!) to see how eating whatever I wanted would affect my weight. But I’m being honest and giving you the “after” weight. My “before” weight was actually 147!

Here are my goals for this week:
One P90X workout – chest/back or arms/shoulders along with ab workout
One additional ab workout during the week
Run three times – moving to the next week on the Couch Potato to 5K program
Continue my good food choices

You’ll notice that I changed my P90X goals for this week…we’ll see if that works better for me. The good news is that I’m starting to see the difference that my working out is having on certain areas of my body…and my arms is something that I’m going to HAVE to start focusing on soon! I won’t be able to continue to put that off…

Anyway…so I’ll try to round up the extra pics that I need so that I can tell you all about this past weekend. It was LOTS of fun! The Maids all got to meet each other, and my mom even joined in on the fun…it was a LONG day of shopping, but well worth it with all that we got accomplished. And just to tease you a bit and make sure you come back for more…there was a great chicken dance…with pictures!

See you later!

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