Friday, June 19, 2009

Maids Dresses...Part II

We’ve had a good morning. We’ve eaten some yummy lunch…and we’re laughing at my “chicken dance.” A day with the girls couldn’t be going better!

As we hit the mall in Frisco, we decide to concentrate on the major department stores, thinking that they’ll have a better selection. The only other store that I can think of to try is White House/Black Market, but knowing how expensive that chain is, I’m hesitant to go there. But we’ll see what we can find.

We start at Macy’s, as that’s where MOH and I had glanced through the racks a few weekends before and found several LBD contenders. The Maids were good sports and tried on a slew of LBDs…but nothing jumped out and grabbed us. On to the next store. The mall had a Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s and JC Penney also in the mall, so we had lots of options.

MOH had just been shopping in Penney’s the day before and encouraged us to look there next. Imagine our surprise when their dress selection is even better than the selection that we found at Macy’s. To our utter delight, they were also running a LBD sale – all little black dresses were marked and additional 50% off of the price marked on the dress! SCORE!

Pretty quickly, MOH finds a dress that she LOVES. (I had thought that it might work this way, find one dress that one of them loves in one store and have to keep looking through other stores to find the other ones…)

Right behind her, Maid Momma slips on a black number that flatters her VERY well, and she’s ecstatic about her find.

Maid Britney? She wasn’t feeling it so much. Poor Maid Britney. She was trying to be SO pleasing. I think that she really wanted me to tell her which dress that I wanted her to wear. And here I am, trying to be so open and honest and tell them to pick a dress that THEY love. What conflicting emotions us women suffer through!

MOH admits that she’s buying her LBD whether it’s what I select for them to wear or not. The price is too good to pass up, and she’ll find somewhere to wear it. And I have to be honest, I loved the dress that she was salivating over…she looked dead sexy!

We convince Britney to try on a different black dress, that’s out of her “style” of preference. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I told them to find a dress that they liked and would wear again, but at this point, I’ve got two of them in agreement and one that just wants to make me happy. So we convince her to try on a different style dress, and the effect is amazing. Now I’ve got three HOT bridesmaids that just might steal the show!

Maid Britney was a little unsure about her dress still, but being the good sport that she is, she went ahead and bought it. She was a little concerned because the material that her dress is made out of isn’t as “flowy” as the material that the other maids dresses are made out of. But really, I think that she was just relieved to have me tell her that this dress was the one that I wanted her to wear! J

But we’ll let you guys be the judge, because I think that the picture speaks for itself…

Left to right: Maid "Britney", Maid Momma and MOH

Aren't the beautiful?!? And sexy all at the same time?!?!

I LOVE the look that they’re pulling off here. The dresses are different, and the same all at the same time. And in the picture you can’t even tell that the material is different, Britney!

Here’s what I like. They’re all different. Each dress really compliments each Maids’ body type and even their attitudes to some extent (which I know you can’t know through a picture, but trust me they do!). I like that each dress has something in common with another dress. Yet they’re still all different. MOH’s and Britney’s dress have a similar style to the top, while Maid Momma stands out with hers being different. Britney and Maid Momma’s dress both have horizontal layers going all down the dress, while MOH just has a layer at the very bottom. Maid Momma and MOH’s dress both have some sparkly accents or beading while Britney’s dress is simple and unadorned. And of course, the obvious, they’re ALL black. I just LOVE them!

I couldn’t have picked them better myself. And with matching jewelry and shoes to possibly tie them all back around and make them more similar, they’re just perfect! Even better, MOH bought them all with her Penney’s card and got an extra $15 off the total purchase price. My Maids paid a whopping $45 each after taxes and all. Isn’t that amazing for a bridesmaids dress? I couldn’t believe the deal that we got. I thought we could find something cheaper at the mall, but wasn’t really sure, so I was thrilled to accomplish my goal.

Looks like my vision is coming together. I want the girls to all wear their hair differently (tying back to the different dresses again) but with the same shoes (which we found later that night – more on that later) and jewelry (I’m on the hunt for that now!) they are all semi-similar.

Did what you have envisioned in your head for your bridesmaids dresses work out? Or did you end up going with something that you didn’t think that you wanted?

Yeah, I didn’t forget about you Maid Britney…your story will come about in the shoe post…stay tuned!

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