Monday, May 18, 2009

Patiently Waiting...Not So Patiently

Mr. CC, I'm sorry, but you can't read this post. Nothing personal, but this one involves my wedding gown...and you KNOW that's off-limits!

Bye, sweetie!

So, rewind a few months back to when I put down the deposit and ordered my bridal gown. It was President’s day, which puts it mid-February and the sales lady politely informed me that when the dress arrived in 8-10 weeks that I would receive a phone call telling me that it was in the store and I could come by and pay my balance and take my dress home.

8-10 weeks was actually a little faster than I was expecting to hear that it would take…

Or so I thought at the time…

The first few weeks went by SOOOOO SLLLOOOOOW…it seemed like each and every day I was checking to see how many more days until the dress was supposed to be here. (Yes, I marked the expected week on my calendar that I carry around with me!) So every day I would check it expecting time to have magically passed while I slept, I guess. Never happened. It was taking forever to get to my magic “arrival” date. I use quotes because they couldn’t say if it would be 8 weeks or 10 weeks with any certainty. So I marked down 10 weeks out and waited…

Did I mention how slowly the time passed? If I didn’t, consider it mentioned.

And then I waited some more.

But then the funniest thing happened. I got busy. Doing wedding projects. Working on other things – I DO have a job after all! Taking a quick little vacation to NOLA. I guess that you could say that life happened. I got so wrapped up in other things, that I didn’t even think to change my marker in my date book for a few weeks. So imagine my shock and excitement when I was updating my date book with some new appointments and realized when moving my marker that the week that my dress was supposed to be in passed two weeks ago?

How FABULOUS is THAT?!?!? (I have to be honest here, and admit to doing a little happy dance right here in my cubicle at the thought of my dress being “almost” here!)

Then it hit me. Wait a minute. That was two weeks ago. I didn’t receive a phone call. Did I? Did I get a phone call and not recognize the number so I didn’t answer it (which I’m famous for doing)? Since the dress coordinator (Amy) that I had used when I ordered the dress has since quit working at that salon, did something get messed up with the order? Worse yet, did the bridal salon leave me a message about coming to pick up my dress and I didn’t listen to the message (which I’m ALSO famous for doing!) so maybe they’re almost ready to send it back as an un-received dress? Yes, ok, I can admit that the last thought was “slightly” overboard, but hey, I’m just relating the thoughts that went through my head…

I immediately flipped over to the phone number in my planner and started dialing. I explained the situation to the associate that answered the phone and she put me on hold. Then she came back on and asked if she could put me on hold again. Then a different associate came on and asked me some very worrisome questions regarding my order. (And of course, this is the ONE day that I don’t have my wedding planner binder at work with me!) Then the last lady came on the line.

By this time I was a nervous wreck!

She apologized for the time that it took to find my order, but that it had been found. “Miraculously” the dress had “just arrived” at the warehouse THAT day, and she was able to request an ASAP shipment to the store. If you’re not picking it up that well, I really have serious doubts about it arriving on the very day that I realize that it was past due…but whatever.

I assured the associate that I wasn’t in any huge hurry for the dress yet, but had just realized that the time it was supposed to be here had passed. She double reassured me that when the dress does come in that the store does repeated calls to make sure that I don’t want the dress before they would ever send it back as being returned. Whew. That solves my little phone fears. So I hung up the phone feeling VERY relieved that all was well again with my little wedding world.

And then it hit me. My dress will be here any day now…and yes, I did another little happy dance around my cubicle at this realization. Here's a reminder of my dress selection, in case you need it to do a little happy dance FOR me!


Did anyone else go through all of this anxiety over receiving your wedding dress in? And be honest…you did a happy dance when it finally got here too, didn’t you? I know you did!

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