Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh man, oh man. I’ve been a busy little bee!

This weekend was spent out of town again, but with my mom and little sister. My little sister is a teacher up in the Dallas area of Texas, and several months ago she mentioned to my mom that she was interested in going to First Monday Trade Days at Canton with my mom and me one month. My mom quickly relayed the invitation to me, and I accepted immediately. The hardest part was not deciding to go, but which month we would all go.

At one point or another, this past weekend didn’t work for all of us. I know that my mom (and sister, I’m sure) was wanting me to be able to bring along little CC on our girl’s day of shopping, but it just wasn’t in the cards. The month of April didn’t work at all for us, and June is almost too hot to go do an all-day long outside shopping excursion…so it was really looking like May was the best choice. And when I looked at my schedule a little closer, I noticed that no matter if we chose May or June, I wouldn’t have little CC on the weekend that First Monday is held on either month.

So I drove home this past weekend and spent the day with the girls. My step-dad was out of town, and Mr. CC opted not to come along…so it really was an all girl’s weekend. We had a BLAST!

We met my little sister in Canton and hand-delivered her some breakfast – compliments to Daylight Donuts in Athens (they’re honestly the BEST donuts anywhere!) and started shopping. We had to have walked five miles, and we were POOPED at the end of the day. But I had so much fun being with my mom and sister, catching up on their lives and shopping, that I didn’t notice until it was all over with how tired I was. That’s when you know that you’ve had a good day!

My mom and I topped the day off right with dinner at Rounder’s Pizza and I had my favorite pepperoni rolls, which are also the BEST that I’ve found anywhere, and watched two chick flicks. Bride Wars and Mama Mia. Both movies were cute, and we decided that both of our men would be thankful that we watched them with each other instead of with our men…

I got up early on Sunday and drove home. Mr. CC and I celebrated our anniversary since I had been out of town and he had been working too late on the actual date. He took me out to lunch and then had our bedroom filled with pink balloons and a bouquet of red roses waiting for me when we got home and I went upstairs. He had also done all of the laundry and cleaned up our house, all the while thawing out some dinner to cook for me. I was pampered girls, let me tell you!

After our yummy dinner was over, I sat down and got to work. I have ONE MORE flower pomander to make and I’ve been putting it off for a while now. I’ve still been making the flowers, but the box has been almost full of flowers for three weeks now, just mocking me because I haven’t started to attach them yet. That all changed last night. I got out my trusty hot glue gun and started attaching. Since I started a little late, I only got about halfway done with it. I was just about to stop when I noticed that I was actually out of white flowers, so that meant that I had to stop (since I’m mixing the white and cream flowers on the ball!) and go to bed. I was happy with my progress though, and I went off to bed feeling like it had been a VERY productive day.

With Mr. CC’s help, the house was clean, the laundry was done, AND I got halfway done with my LAST flower pomander….that’s a LOT of progress!

Here’s to hoping that I can keep the ball rolling…

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