Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Trip to NOLA...

Let’s see if I can sum up our trip in just one post…I’m kinda wordy, so that might not be possible! J

The first night, we just settled into the condo and got situated. We went out to eat and then headed over to Bourbon street for our favorite daiquiri stop. It wasn’t anywhere near where we remembered it being, but oh well. We were SO excited to have these again…and they weren’t that great. It was kinda sad. But we still strolled along Bourbon street that night just looking around and seeing what we saw. It was fun, low-key and casual, just the two of us. We called it an early night and headed back “home.”

The next morning, we got up and cooked bacon/cheese omlettes for breakfast. They were SO good! We loved having the kitchen there for our convenience. After breakfast, we lathered on the sunscreen and set out for the Quarter. Our friends were making their way into town and checking into their hotel, so once they got there, we met up with them and started planning the day. It was Friday, our day for the actual Jazz Fest. We stopped off at a bar and started the day off “right” and then strolled up the streets towards the event. At Bourbon street we got lucky and found a cab that was willing to take us all to the Jazz Fest for just $4/person. He dropped us off and the musical event was already under way. We saw so many good acts, and I don’t remember any of their names. The only “big” name that we saw was Joe Cocker…the others were all smaller bands. But they were SO good. And the food was TO DIE FOR…yummy stuffed sandwiches, ice cream/sno cones, and ice cold beer. A good day all in all.

We got lucky and our friend’s parents had gotten there ahead of us and staked out a good spot under the Blues tent, so we had shade when we wanted it. We would wander out to other stages or the craft booths and shop, and then come back to sit down and listen at our own tent. It was a great day.

When we got ready to go, Mr. CC and I headed back to our condo to wash up and get ready for the evening. We were meeting our group at a local favorite restaurant, the Gumbo Shop, for dinner and then we planned on going to Bourbon street as a group. One thing led to another, dinner turned into a two hour event (SO YUMMY) and we all stuffed ourselves to the point of not being able to go out afterwards. We made it to two or three places on or just off of Bourbon street, but in the end decided to call it an early night at midnight. Combination of being in the sun all day long, and a good meal late at night did us in and made us all sleepy...but no so sleepy that Mr. CC wasn't able to be all romantic and buy me these on the Quarter...
The next day, Mr. CC and I slept a little late and then made our way down to the café for beignets. We really lucked out this year, and stood in the to go line for just about 5 minutes before a waiter came over and took our order and hooked us up. As soon as we got our beignets, we found our friends on Jackson Square and sat down for breakfast. We strolled around the quarter for a bit that day, just hanging out and then our group split up for the day. The guys went off to do what guys do – hit some more bars, and the girls went on one of the walking tours of New Orleans. We picked the Cemetery tour, and could not have been more pleased with it. It was fabulous, our tour guide was GREAT and made it very enjoyable. I plan on doing one of these tours each year from now on, until I’ve done them all. There are several companies that do tours like this in NOLA, and I would HIGHLY recommend this one – you can find out more information here. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

After the tour, we all met back up and headed over to dinner. Mr. CC and I ducked out of dinner and went off by ourselves to grab some pizza and a beer and relax for a bit. We love these people, but sometimes it’s nice just being on your own. After we ate, we went back to the condo and cleaned up and met up with everyone at a local bar afterwards. This time we stayed off of Bourbon street for a while, preferring some less crowded spots off of Royal. Mr. CC’s sister came down to meet us that night, and we met her and her boyfriend and left the big group of people. After hanging out with them as much as we could, we finally called it a night and hit the bed about 3am. LONG DAY…

That was our last night in NOLA, and the next morning we slept in a little bit and then cooked some breakfast and checked out of the condo. Nine hours of driving later, and we were back at home.

There was a lot that we did in between all of those activities. Mainly we hung out with loved ones, made new friends, and took in the sights. Our friends from CA had brought along another couple with them, and the six of us hit it off great! We love the new additions to our little group, and hanging out with extended family is always good. There were WAY too many drinks, a lot of much needed laughs and a little too many jokes about ya-yas and such for us girls! But we love our guys and put up with all sorts of conversations when we’re all together. All in all, it was a great trip…we can’t WAIT for next year!

The only down side to all of this is that I forgot to take my camera with me…no, no. It was in the car and the condo, but I forgot to take it on our day that we spent just lazing around the city and taking tours and such. My friend is supposed to send me copies of their pictures, so as soon as I get them, I’ll send them out…there were some cute one, I promise.

We plan on making this a yearly trip for all of us, and hopefully next year we can find a place that can house all three couples if we start looking early enough!

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