Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Checklist Looms...

I wrote about how special my Mother’s Day was. And it was special. But I wasn’t actually able to lay around all day and do nothing. It was nice for about half of the day, but that got old for someone as active as I can be…

So what else could be better than finishing a BIG wedding project?

What project is that you ask?

My tissue paper pomanders.

Yep, Mama CC, you read that right. All 6 pomanders are DONE! They are covered and hanging in the garage, which was kinda hard to do. The larger pomanders turned out quite a bit bigger than I had pictured in my mind. That’s completely fine that it worked out that way, as I was kind of worried about how small the pomanders might be when hanging from the large gazebo. So while I was happy that they turned out a little bigger than I had thought they would be, finding space in the house to hang them was a problem that I hadn’t really thought of ahead of time. I knew that making them early, I would have to store them somewhere, but didn’t really think about how hard it might be to store them.

I mean, they can’t just hang anywhere. They have to hang completely off of a wall, or from touching anything else, since laying against anything will squash the flowers. I think that they can be fluffed out once I’m ready for that, but we’ll see. And since the hanging situation made it impossible to hang inside the house, the only choice that I had was to put them in the garage.

Yes, Mr. CC, another thing has to go into the garage…this is our own private joke as the garage is already half full of stuff from when little CC and I moved in…I’m going to clean it out, I swear. But it might have to wait until after the wedding. It’ll be cooler then anyway…

So, hanging them in the garage meant protecting them not only from getting squashed, but also from getting dusty and dirty. Enter the big trash bags. Each tissue paper pomander is lovingly covered with a trash bag. We took the trash bag and opened it all up and poked a small hole in the bottom of the bag. We threaded the hanging ribbons through that hole and pulled the pomander up into the trash bag. A cheap trick, many thanks to Mr. CC’s quick thinking to our dust problem. So there they are, hanging in the garage, just patiently awaiting to be taken out, fluffed up and hung at our ceremony site in October. So…YEA ME! A day spent doing only what I wanted to do, watching the TV shows that I wanted to watch (go Bridezillas!) and finishing a project that has been looming over my head.

It feels good to have that one done! I am VERY glad that I listened to the advice that other brides that did that project had to give and started early on those pomanders. They are worth the work, and look gorgeous! All that needs to be done is to attach the black ribbons for hanging, so tissue paper pomanders…check!

That’s a big relief off of me to have that project finished.

So what’s up next? I need to call my hotel of choice and try to go ahead and get that block of rooms done…there are people that want to go ahead and make their reservations, and are waiting on me. Wish me luck!

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