Monday, March 9, 2009

Flower Girl Dress #2

So that was flower girl dress contender #1…nice (and DEFINITELY within The Budget!) but not exactly what I was looking for the more and more I thought about it. You see several things occurred to me after the purchase of that dress.

#1 – she would be in all black. Not that she wouldn’t look cute in all black (she DOES bear a striking resemblance to her good-looking mom!) but when I started to think about the formal pictures of the day, I could see how she wouldn’t really stand out. Yes, in the pictures that I wanted to capture of her and I, she would really stand out as I’ll be all in ivory and she would be in black. VERY cute. But if we take (and I know that we will) group shots of all of the girls and she’s part of those shots, she will blend in with everyone else, since they’ll all be in black too.

Hmmm…a good point. Yeah, I think so too.

#2 – the “fancy-ness” of the dress was really bugging me. Right after I bought that dress was when I did the posts regarding my dress and the more that I looked at those pictures, the more I realized what a difference there was between the glamour of my dress and the not so glamorous flower girl dress. I didn’t want that. And since she hasn’t seen me in my dress yet or even a picture of it (no six year-old can keep a secret!), I was worried that once she saw mine she would feel not as dressed up, you know? I want her to feel just as much of a princess as I do on this special day…

#3 – I would have to do some work to make the current dress work for what I’m thinking in my head. And it’s not that I’m not capable of the work I had in mind. I could totally make a sash and little bolero jacket. But the thought of taking on another project was just overwhelming that week.

Ok, I’m convinced. Back to the drawing board it is.

I spent one of my desk lunches surfing online looking for better flower girl dress choices. You know, something that looked a little more like a flower girl dress. I came up with some winners, and one website that I could cost-effectively order some dresses, try them on her, let her pick one and return the others. The other thing that I noticed was that Dillard’s seem to have a LOT of choices. Hmmm…that same night that we all went to Macy’s to try on their sale dresses, I remember asking Mr. CC if we could just “run” down to Dillard’s to see what they had…nope – shot down. Maybe we should have gone by there after all…

Oh well, this just means that my daughter and I can have a date night at the mall! Fun, fun. So that evening we headed off to the mall for shopping, hair cuts and dinner. And of course, a ride on the escalator – no trip to the mall with a six-year-old is complete without that! We got to Dillard’s and found 5 or 6 dresses that we could try on in her size, and we even tried on a few in the next size up. I know that 8 months is a long time for a kiddo, and she could do some growing between now and then. But since she’s such a munchkin, even the dresses in her current size were pretty big on her…so I settled on her current size.

Since I am a cool mom, I had told her that she could choose her flower girl dress. I wanted her to like what she wore just as much as I like mine, and it was important to me that she be allowed to make this choice. Of course, as fate would have it, I fell in love with one dress, and she loved another. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Go back on your word? No way. Luckily for me, I really liked both dresses so I wasn’t too disappointed in her choice. And I think that the look on her face says it all…this is her princess dress. Here is the flower girl dress that she chose:

And since it was Dillard’s, it was still under my original budget of $100-150 for the flower girl dress. I paid a whopping $70 for it, and feel good about it. The other dress will just become a nice church dress for the fall, since I did get it in the size above what she’s wearing now and she’ll need to grow a little to fit into it. I feel really good about the fact that this one is ready to go and she LOVES it…she even loves the little jacket that comes with it (not pictured).

Flower girl dress…CHECK!

And with the help of my co-worker and her free stuff the other day, if the shoes fit, then I’ve also got flower girl shoes, necklace, bracelet and basket – all ready to go! I’m loving it!

Have you ever made the decision that you thought you wanted (like my original idea of flower girl dress) and then found something else that you love even more (the NEW flower girl dress)? Is it ok when plans change? Don't you find that sometimes that change is for the better?

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