Friday, March 6, 2009

Flower Girl Dress #1

Yesterday I wrote about how cool it is to get free things…and I think that we can all agree on that point. But I teased you about the flower girls dress(es) that I had already found and bought, so I figured that today I should write about that. actually, just to be mean, I thought about waiting another week before I wrote about it, you know make it a “real” teaser. But I’m just not that mean, contrary to popular belief…

So early on, I had something in mind for my flower girl dresses. Knowing kinda what I wanted for the bridesmaid dresses helped, and with the colors of the ceremony being mainly just black and ivory, it was a simple choice. Having a late October wedding means all kinds of things could happen with the Texas weather, but it’s probably not too early for velvet. In my head, I had conjured up something that had a black velvet top and an ivory or ivory/black skirt that was fuller and some shiny black patent leather shoes. Cute, huh? Yeah, I thought so.

I was at work one day when a co-worker mentioned to me that Macy’s was having a sale. (Now, I have to be honest here, and I’ve never been really impressed with Macy’s. I LOVED Foley’s and the whole store has just gone WAY down hill since Macy’s acquired the chain.) She went on to tell me that they were deeply discounting their winter dresses to make room for Easter dresses and she thought that she remembered seeing black and ivory dresses. Score!

Now me being the procrastinator that I can sometimes be, I waited almost a week before finding time to make it over to Macy’s. I don’t remember what exactly was going on that week, but there were things keeping me from trotting myself over to Macy’s that very night. So by the time that I have my daughter and talked Mr. CC into accompanying us to the dreaded mall for a “quick” shopping trip, it was nearly a week after I had heard about the sale. And of course, by that time there wasn’t much left of the sale. There definitely wasn’t anything in black and ivory, but we did find one dresses that had potential.

It was a simple black velvet sleeveless dress, with a high waist and a small, built-in petty coat to give the skirt some volume. The bad thing? There was a sash on the dress that was god-awful ugly. No, make that U…G….L…Y. The good news? Well, there were two pieces of good news in my opinion. #1 – the sash is removable, so I could easily envision the dress with a different sash (maybe ivory satin or something fancy like that) and could see how that would be easy to make, and fairly cheap. #2 – the dress was on sale. How much you ask?

$17. A whopping $18.40 after sales tax. Sold, ladies and gentlemen.

But to be frank, I wasn’t sold right away. Mr. CC was the one who encouraged me to go ahead and get it, just in case. You see, the velvet isn’t the type of velvet that I had pictured in my head. I was envisioning a lush, very fancy or formal velvet. This dress was velvet, but it was a cheaper, stiffer, not quite as fancy of a velvet as the one in my head. That was pretty much the only thing that I didn’t like about the dress. Well, and that UGLY sash!

But like I said, in my head I could totally see this dress on my daughter the day of the wedding with a fancier ivory sash and possibly a small bolero style fancy jacket to further dress things up a little bit. VERY cute.

And at that price, Mr. CC had a good point. Even if I wanted to keep looking for something else for my daughter to wear, it was a good deal and could be worn just as a regular church dress any given Sunday. Yes, thank you, I would like to keep that hanging!

One flower girl dress down…possibly more to find? Should I keep looking or try to make this one work?

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