Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Elusive Eggplant...Tablecloths

So this post is coming to you a bit belated….the truth of the matter is that I had to figure out what I was going to do and THEN I could write about what happened. And although I still don’t know “exactly” what the plan is, I have a good idea in my head…which is the best that I can do at this point.

Ok – a few weeks back, I wrote this post regarding the quest for eggplant colored tablecloths. And at that time, my MOH came through with flying colors on finding a vendor that could supply these linens to us and NOT charge an arm and a leg for them. All of that changed a few Saturdays ago…

It all started out so innocently. We don’t have the kiddos this particular weekend, so early on Saturday morning we’re up and at ‘em…making our way down I-35 to get to San Antonio. I know that it might seem a little paranoid for me to check these personally, but in my defense MOH had not seen the color in person either; and we both were going to feel better knowing that the shade of purple that they were calling eggplant was the same shade of purple that I was calling eggplant. Most people are aware that color hues range from darks to lights within each color family and Mr. CC had only to see one really bright example of what I’d call “burple” to convert to my way of thinking on this one. And since I sold him on the idea of eggplant, he’s kind of taken with it all.

The store was busy when we went in, but we killed the time checking out their table set-ups and looking at different tableware, glassware and silverware options. Because if we’re going to go to all the trouble to rent the linens from this place in San Antonio, we’re just going to get it all from there, you know? Having made our selections, a salesman came over to ask if he could help us. I explain that my MOH had called earlier about seeing the example of eggplant tablecloths that they had and he led me into a room off of the main showroom. Once there, he showed me a very pretty tablecloth. That was not eggplant. It was a nice shade of purple, with embroidery and sequins or other such sparkly things, but not eggplant. Not the tablecloth that I came there to see. Hmmm…

I politely inquired about solid colored linens. To which he directed me to the napkin table where they had all colors of solid linens displayed with just the napkin from the matching set. Yes, thank you sir. I saw that display earlier, and though there are several nice shades of purple on there, there’s not an eggplant. Nothing darker than the dreaded burple color….now we’re starting to get worried. When I told him that we had been told on the phone that there was a new linen (not even in the computer yet) that was a deep, dark purple, almost a black, he politely (not really) told me that what I could see before me was what they had.

Hmmm…how disappointing. We thanked him and left rather quickly.

How disappointing. We were both bummed for the afternoon. I could tell that Mr. CC was just as upset as I was…probably not. Oh well. We still had some options of buying the tablecloths from the place online that I had found them…and I was certain that putting a post on weddingbee.com would help me find a good solution too.

Luckily for me, when MOH and I put our heads together on this, we both thought that before giving up all hope that it would be best if we called the initial lady back one more time to verify what the gentleman told me on Saturday. I told MOH that I would handle her this time, and called Adrianna right away. Adrianne was most helpful, and she assured me that there was another newer shade of purple that she would call eggplant. (somehow I just trust a girl’s sense of color over a guy’s…) And in fact, the color is so new that she didn’t even have a sample to show me at her main location.

I’m supposed to call her within the next day or so and see if she has an estimated arrival date on these new linens…so I sit patiently to hear the final verdict. Now with everything that’s gone on recently trying to track these down, I want to see them in person before I call the search off.

So keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ll let you know what I hear from Adrianna…I know that you can’t wait...

Has anyone else out there had trouble tracking down that specific item that you just KNOW will make the wedding perfect? I'm trying not to lose hope here...

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