Saturday, December 20, 2008

Color Police...9-1-1...HELP!!!

I’m not really sure why I’m struggling so hard with this decision…I cannot pick out a color theme for the wedding!


The main thing is that I go back and forth…between WAY too many choices. When I first started thinking about my vision of my perfect wedding, it was brown all the way. A deep, rich chocolate sort of brown paired with a nice ivory. Choosing one more accent color would be easy.

Then my fiancé wasn’t too keen on the idea of a chocolate brown tux…

So my vision shifter to black and ivory. Elegant and classic, so I REALLY like that. Especially if you pick one more accent color that will make a nice pop. But what color. I’m partial to a pink or purple, but not really sure that it works for me.

The problem is that there aren’t any colors that I don’t like. It would be easy if there were shades of color that I absolutely don’t like. Or if I had an absolute favorite, then I would know that I had to incorporate that one color and build the rest around it. Orange is my least favorite color, but I’ve even seen it done in ways that I love! There are just TOO many options…brown…black…cream…sage green…violet blue…magenta…red/crimson…plum…lemony yellow…

Then not to mention there are those color themes…like harvest since we’re thinking fall wedding…or winter colors since it might be cool enough at the end of October or early November when we’re thinking of doing this…or what about peaceful and relaxing colors that soothe and calm the soul? I like that thought too! And looking at pictures isn’t helping – I like them ALL!

What’s a girl to do? And my fiancé is a trooper. He doesn’t really care. He wants me to have whatever I want, even if that means pink or purple. As long as I don’t expect him to actually wear pink or purple…

I know that I do want cream for one of the colors, since my dress with not be white-white. So yea me! I’ve picked one! Yeah, the easiest one of all to pick! Yikes!

And is it just me being irrational to think that you can’t really do much more than this for planning purposes on your wedding until you get the color scheme down? I don’t think so. I think that colors set the tone, mood and sometimes feel for the overall wedding, so I really can’t move on further with planning until I can get this decided! Yikes!

Help! Color scheme 9-1-1 please!

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