Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Many Choices...So Little Time

So I talked a little bit yesterday about my struggle with colors. And to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure why this is SUCH a dilemma for me. I talked about that yesterday, but I do feel the pressure to get this one “little” decision under my belt.

I think that there is just so much pressure on me to get SOME decision made before I lose all sense of time here. My project at work happens on January 1st, and my life from pretty much next week until the middle of January will be one wild ride…so I guess knowing that that big deadline is fast approaching, I would like to have some decisions made before then.

Especially one as simple as colors should be…

So maybe you can help me. Why don’t you weigh in on the issue? Has anyone out there seen some really pretty wedding combo colors lately? (And no BH, you own wedding colors don’t count – I was there, I already know how pretty they were!)

You can at least help me narrow it down, so here are your choices:

· Black and Cream – very classic and elegant – throw in a pop of color to offset all the black and cream and we’re good to go
· Chocolate Brown and Cream – this is a newer classic – also very elegant – and once again, a contrasting pop of color will break up the sea of brown and cream

So, cast your vote on the color poll that I've posted to the blog and I’ll know which ones you might help me to select. By the way, if you have another idea, tell me about it in the comments section too, since I'm not blogger-savvy enough to know how to add a blank voting spot...

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I think I love the idea of the black and cream with a pop of color for the two of you. Not to say if you choose brown and cream I don’t think it will look absolutely wonderful, but from all the wedding talks we’ve had I just see you wanting more of the hopeless romantic vibe and I think the black and cream would be perfect. Then adding the pop of color really lets your true personality shine though (fun, loving and carefree).