Thursday, November 5, 2009

Table Signs

I think that I’ve said this a lot in recent posts...but I’m going to risk sounding like a broken record and say it one more time: making the table signs was a fast, and easy project!

Seriously, it was! And they turned out great. Just another example that as a bride you don’t have to make things harder than they have to don’t need expensive things for the final outcome to turn out beautifully. And if you stay tuned through the whole post...there MIGHT be another sneak peek photo at the end...I’m just saying!

So we left off here where we had our table names. Do you want to take a guess at how I made the signs? If you guessed using text boxes in a Word document, you’d be right! I designed and printed them out on my home computer, simply using the same font that was on our other paper products and the same Stardream paper that was used for all other projects as well. What was new this time? The dowel rods.

Yep, you read that right. We used dowel rods for our table sign holders. That was B’s genius idea that he came up with one day while trolling through Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration on how to display our table names. I mean, we’d worked long and hard to pick them all out...we wanted to be sure that they were displayed properly! It was B that suggested the dowel rods, me that suggested painting them black to match better, and both of us that realized that we needed no base to anchor them to – they could simply be inserted into our Mason jars of flowers that made up our centerpieces.

I printed all of the signs out one night – two signs of each for front and back – and cut them all down to size the next evening. During the day while I was at work, B took my extra spray paint leftover from this project and spray painted them all black. Then I came home and “nicely” asked him to put another coat on them. I say “nicely” because at this point we were 5 days out from the wedding and there were lots of “nice” requests being made at once! LOL. I tried to be nice, I really did! B had to make a quick trip to the store for more paint – they were only lightly painted due to a lack of spray paint. Once I came home the next day, they were all finished and beautiful.

Here are the materials that we used on this project:
Printed and trimmed down signs
¼” dowel rods, cut in half and painted
Double-sided tape (a bride’s best friend!)
Glue Lines – just like Glue Dots, but in lines (they were left overs from our Save the Dates)

So our only purchase ended up being the dowel rods. Sweet!

I put double-sided tape on one back of one sign. Then carefully placed the matching other side right on top.
(At this point, if it was off a little, I did NOT go back and trim them! I did trim one that was WAY off...)

Next, I carefully applied two Glue Lines to the end of a dowel rod. It didn’t matter which end, as neither would be shown. This was a little tricky. The Glue Lines didn’t want to peel off of their protective sheet and stay on the dowel rods...and they’re SUPER sticky if you start using your fingers. Just a word of warning.

Once they were in place, B held the sign front and back slightly apart and guided me into the center of each sign. After gently placing the rod in between the sheets, I gave each sign a little extra pat on the outside to ensure that the Glue Lines caught the paper.

In the end, this is what we were left with... And, since I promised earlier...this is how they looked in each centerpiece.Aren’t the gorgeous?!?! Luckily for me, the font was big enough (or our venue small enough) that I ended up not printing out a “map” where the escort cards were set up. Once we had all the tables in place, I realized that it would be possible to see each table name – the hall just wasn’t that big. And with only 12 tables to look through, it just wasn’t worth the effort it would have taken me to make the “map.” In the end, with the bridal party tables pulled out and placed on the stage, there were only 12 tables to set up for guest seating...which made assigned seating just a little bit easier for us.

So how do you like that? A project that cost less than $3...with a big punch. We loved them.


  1. I love it, so simple and chic! AND with a $3 price tag? That's my kind of project!

  2. They ARE gorgeous. Can I please hire YOU when I get married again? *muah*