Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Suite...

After such a horrendous two days of traveling, I had really started to worry about our suite. Remember when I posted this picture of what the website showed our room to look like?

Well, that’s just a website. And a staged room at best. What if our room really wasn’t that nice? What if I hated it? We were supposed to be there for five nights...and those five nights would be longer and longer if we hated our room. So imagine how worried I am by the time that trek across the whole resort to get to Building 7, which housed our 7369. We walk into a small, but nicely decorated lobby and make our way to the elevators. After getting our bags and us inside what had to be the world’s smallest elevator, my fears kicked it up another notch.

We followed the signs marking the hallway along until we find out door. After getting inside and finding the light switch, I was feeling a little bit better...this is what we saw:Our own entry hallway with another door closing off the room...starting off right, but what’s behind door #1? Would you like to see? OK, I’ll show you...since you’ve been so patient with me and my lack of pictures up to this point in our trip...Yep, that’s our living room. And THIS was our closet's honestly bigger than our master bathroom at our house...well, nearly.
And when you look to the left, what do you see? Our bedroom area...Looking a little further to the left (also on the raised portion of the room) you see this...Now, truth be told, the tour could have stopped right then and there for me. A roman style, Jacuzzi soaking tub, with marble pedestals that opens from the bathroom into the bedroom? I’m in heaven...But B wanted to explore some more into the bathroom. You’ll see our bathroom...and our walk-in shower...Along with our double vanities...So what do you think so far? Nice, huh? We thought so. And like I said, you could have just stopped with the two-person tub and I would have been fine. But being the giddy-with-relief travelers that we are, we stepped out on our balcony to check out the views.
Unfortunately, by the time that I thought to snap pictures of our view, it was too dark for them to come out. (Because someone didn’t think to switch the mode to night!) But the views were awesome, and I have more pics in another post of the views from our room alone. Here's the only one that semi-turned out:As I’m busy taking pictures right and left, B wanders off to the far left on our balcony and says “Hey babe. Where do these stairs go?” Ummm, excuse me? Stairs? Oh you mean, those stairs...Making our way to the top...And yes, that's just one of the beers that we found in our fully stocked bar, located in the main entry way. I forgot to take a picture, but it had four full-sized liquor bottles on dispensers for our drinking pleasures, as well as a small fridge stocked with bottled water, Dos Equis and Pepsi. The front desk informed us that all would be replenished every two days. Nice!

But anyway, back to the stairs. We trekked all the way up top and found our own little private paradise. Would you like to see?It’s ok to be jealous or to hate on me a little bit, I don’t mind...because I spent nearly a week having not only my own private Jacuzzi on the balcony like the booking agent said, but my own private ROOFTOP Jacuzzi!!! Yeah, buddy. We were in heaven.

After we finished jumping up and down with our excitement, I hurried back downstairs and proceeded to take all those wonderful pictures before we messed up the room. (See? I tried to think about your guys!) And that’s why it was too dark for the view pics to turn out...but that fun quickly wore off, and our tummies were grumbling. We stored a few quick things away and then headed back to the main part of the resort to grab a quick bite to eat before we both fell over in exhaustion. It had been a long day, but over dinner we both discussed how SO worth it the trip had been!

Up next...a peek at our views. And the very few pictures that we took during the rest of our honeymoon...


  1. Omgosh... SO beautiful!!! And YES, I am so jealous of that private suite AND jacuzzi!! So amazing :) And definitely makes up for all the craziness at the beginning of the trip!

  2. Oh wow...this looks so nice!!!! TWO jacuzzis!?! Now THAT is lucky...