Monday, November 30, 2009

The Joke's on Me...

Haha - I put in the post that I pre-scheduled to run over the holidays that I was posting a new picture of my tattoo...and then I forgot to post it!

Silly me!

So here you go. This is the best picture that I could take of it myself...
It's not that great...and I promise when I get home to have B take a better picture for you all to see!


  1. How funny! I just got some new ink 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, I wanted to surprise Mr. E when I went up to visit over the holiday. I also forgot how much these suckers hurt although mine was in a sensitive spot (hip). It had been 7 years since I got my first one but I think this one might be my last. Great ink on you though, I love the colors.

  2. OMG I love it!!! I am going to get a new one soon so I'm ready for the wedding. Can't wait to see more pics of it!

  3. Whoaaa can't wait to see it from a different angle!

  4. Ultimate angle you choose for photography and Like the view too.. Very lovely and Nice tatoo. I like tatoos and on fair skin this suits well too... Thanks for sharing.