Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Back to Reality...

Well, taking your honeymoon right before the holidays is kind of nice...but at the same time, it's just exhausting! Right when I got back "in the swing of things" at work, it's time for a five-day weekend away from work visiting family and eating WAY too much food. I sure am glad that the wedding was BEFORE the holiday eating! LOL.

I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, and I'll be back to posting regularly soon. Sorry for the delay, but I've been called out of town for work this week, so posting will more than likely be lighter than normal. But since I'm still waiting on the sneak peeks from our photographer...I don't have that much more to share.

Maybe I'll have those sneak peeks at some point this week...then I can start my recaps for real. I can't wait! Believe me, I really cannot wait...

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