Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RSVPs...The Initial Counts

So...our deadline for our RSVPs passed the other day. And then I waited a few days for those guests who might have mailed their invitations on the day of the deadline, or even a day after the deadline passed. And this is what we’re left with:

105 guests replied
93 guests did NOT reply

And that number that represents those that have not replied? It actually has 1 bridal party member and a butt-ton of family members in it. Not to mention people that we work (or used to work) with on a daily basis. What is with people?!?

I ask that question as someone who has been that person that didn’t RSVP before. Hell, I’ve even shown up at a party that I was supposed to RSVP for and didn’t! Yeah, I’ve committed all of the Emily Post no-no’s and I live to tell about it. I wouldn’t recommend doing things that I’ve been known to do in the past, but I will vow in the future to do a better job from here on out. Seriously. Now I know why that RSVP is so important to the person planning the party. I get it. Loud and clear. The message was sent, and received with no interruptions in service.

So now what?

Now I’ve got a list of people that we need to track down and get an answer from. Lucky for me, I was smart and I built in some “track down” time in our timeline since I knew that this would happen. The final head count isn’t due to our caterer and our baker until next week for changes to the food menu choices. And did you notice that I said “WE” would be tracking these people down? Yep. I did.

I’m going to rely heavily on B and our moms to help us track down the people that haven’t replied just yet. I think that between the four of us, it will just mean each of us having to contact a few people, but of course, I’ll just have my mom track down her family that hasn’t responded...and FMIL will track down only her family that hasn’t responded yet. B can take our friends outside of work, and I’ll take the people that we work with. Hopefully, between the 4 of us, we can get this done within a few days.

Then I can turn in final counts to our caterer. And adjust the number of cakes ordered, if needed. I can also adjust the rental items in number...and begin on the seating chart. See how important this little RSVP is?!?! I really had no idea...just didn’t get it before now.

How did you tackle tracking down the people who didn’t respond? Any words of advice for me on how to word things? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. I just have to say that I am SO happy to see a blog with THIS title. I am currently going through the actual divorce proceedings (although have been separated for a year and a half, thankfully have moved on and have met the man of my dreams) but just to know that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

    It has been a hard journey for me and I was thinking that that I will never be able to celebrate my second marriage (if it happens) the same way as my first. I will be browsing the blog today!

  2. Ams...SO happy that you found my little blog! Yes, there is life after divorce...even a big, happy wedding if that's what you so desire.

    It's what we wanted, and we've certainly bucked "tradition" to get it. Glad to have you here! Welcome...

  3. Ugh, that sucks that so many people left you hanging. I'll be doing the same track-down strategy if that happens to us! Good luck wrangling all those non-repliers!

  4. oh man that stinks! our deadline is the 14th!! sent out over 100 invites and have gotten about 1/4 of them back!! one response card was totally blank, no name!! the envelope went throught the postage machine, so did someone forget to fill it out or are they being a jerk??