Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making it Legal...Getting our License

Wow. I’m a little behind on posts, huh? I’ve got a running list of post titles in a Word document...and the list just gets longer every day! Yikes. So here we are, making it legal. We actually went and did this one morning last week, not waiting until the last possible minute to get our license – although we did cut it close!

A funny pre-post story...for some reason, I wasn't really thinking things through and when B asked me when do we go to get our license, I told him anytime after our 30 day mark had passed. I told him that he could come into Austin and pick me up and then we'd just go downtown to get it. out great, except that we're getting married outside of Ausitn, in Kyle...which resides in another county. Hello, Hays County! Silly bride! Lucky for me, Hays county offices for records opens to the public at 8:30 so I was just able to go in a little late one morning.
It’s so easy to get a marriage license...something that I don’t remember about my previous ones...simply show up, show some identification, pay the fee and get a license. Sure, you have to wait 72 hours but that’s not a big deal with good planning in place. And yes, you do have to raise your right hand and solemnly swear that you’re not blood-related, but that’s just funny. Yes, the clerk actually had us swear several things that day:

That neither of us had been divorced within the last 30 days
That neither of us had back child-support due to the courts
And that we were not blood relatives

Yep, apparently that’s the checklist in Texas. Don’t be recently divorced, don’t owe money to the Attorney General’s office and don’t be direct kin. And yes, B and I both snickered at answering that last question.

Even though he laughed at me, I brought my camera along for the ride. The building that we went into wasn’t that pretty, and the office actually smelled like pee (probably just musty from all those records), so no photos were taken inside. We snapped these shots ourselves just outside along the sidewalk.
Doesn’t B look so serious?Please pardon the make-up-less face that morning. I think that I worked late the night before and was tired! On a side note: I’ve threatened B with bodily harm if that hat shows up in ANY wedding, we didn’t buy it like that, one of the dogs did that...and B wears it proudly every where he goes!I took this picture once we got home just because the license itself was SO pretty. I was disappointed to see that the county of Hays in Texas does NOT require two witness signatures...we were planning on having each of our kids sign as our witness to make them part of the legal side of things...oh well.

Picking up the license was really a breeze, took less than 15 minutes, and we were officially ready to get married. I dropped the license of with our officiant just a few days later and he’ll be the one bringing it to the ceremony and keeping up with it. Just one less thing for me to have to worry with, right?


  1. One less thing to worry about for sure :)
    You two are stinkin' cute!!!
    So excited for the big day.

  2. What a cute picture of the two of you! And of course you had to bring your camera with any good blogger would! :)

  3. Be glad you're getting married in Hays County - the Travis County licenses don't look nearly as nice!

  4. LOL that's hilarious! I never thought about what oath they make you take when you get your license. I will be interested to see if they do that to us here in Orange County in So Cal when we pick up our license in about 4 months. :)