Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adding a Gift for the Guys...

You know, for a guy that pinned me down to no more new projects way back in August – TWO full months before our wedding date – this guy likes to throw me for a loop every once in a while!
About 8 days before the wedding, B comes up to me and shows me a flask that he’s had for a while that he loves. He has this look on his face, and I know he’s going to ask for something...sure enough, he’s wondering what the gifts are for the boys. So I remind him that we got them their ties, socks and shoes for the wedding. I can see by the little twinkle in his eye that my answer played perfectly into his master plan...

“But that’s all stuff FOR the wedding. I want to get them something just for them.”

Since I kind of did feel bad about that their gifts all revolved around our wedding, I gave in quickly and agreed to find another gift. What’s that? You already had one in mind?

This is what he was holding in his hand.

It’s something that his sister’s boyfriend had a few years back during a visit. When B commented on liking it, FSIL made her boyfriend give it to her brother. Not in a mean way, but still. The reason why B likes it so much? Jack is his liquor of choice. If he’s going to do a shot, it’ll be a shot of Jack. If he’s going to mix something in his Coke, it’ll be Jack. If he’s going to drink a liquor over ice, it’ll be Jack. Are you catching on to the pattern here?

He immediately retells the story of how he got this flask and is worried that we won’t be able to find them anywhere, since he thinks that it was a promotional thing. I assure him that you can find anything on the internet if you look hard enough. Sure enough, the next evening when I remembered to do a search, I found them right away.
I quickly placed an order for 3 with Amazon and moved on to search for a Jameson flask that was similar. (One of the Boys doesn’t like Jack, he prefers Jameson) I quickly found what I was looking for on ebay, bought the item, paid for it, and worried no more.

The week of the wedding, the Jameson flask arrived at our house on Monday. Perfect condition, fast shipping, a girl can’t complain. The wrinkle in our plans? On Wednesday before the wedding, when I tried to track the shipment of the Jack flasks...saw that only one had shipped from Amazon so far. And we hadn’t received it yet. Hmmm...this hasn’t happened with me and Amazon before. Amazon is one of those online retailers that I can normally count on to bring what I’m looking for to me in record time. Not so in this case.

So what did we do? We went ahead and gave the Jameson one to the groom that would want that one...and we showed the others their gift by taking B’s along with us to the rehearsal dinner. Fortunately for us, they all understood and B was quick to take the blame for thinking of doing it so late in the game. I felt bad, but what could you do? By the time that we realized that they weren’t going to be here in time, it was too late to order them from elsewhere...

Did you add a last minute gift to your wedding party just to have it backfire on you? How did they take it?

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  1. I came upon your blog this morning and had to take a moment to pause.

    I think it is absolutely beautiful.

    The message and whole point of your blog is quite simple, but in that simple poignant message you say so much.

    ...never give up, love yourself, hope, forgive, move on, live, breathe, love, love is faithful, you are worth it all.

    I appreciate your blog, its purpose, and you.