Sunday, September 20, 2009

On a “Roll” Again...

Yeah, I hear you. Cheesy title. Blah blah blah. I just couldn’t resist. Besides, if you can’t truly be yourself in all of your dorkiness glory in front of your friends (who are online and can’t see you anyway) then who can you be yourself with?

So despite my cheesy post title, I AM on a roll with this whole wedding planning stuff. I marked off not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR major things off of my Big To Do List today. It’s like stepping up to bat and hitting one out of the park, if you need a sports analogy. I just stepped up to bat, swung and knocked it out of the ballpark, and brought my three runners in...okay, enough about sports. I’m a girlie-girl, and a clutzy one at that, so no more sports talk! I’ve just been SO busy and I had to share.

Let’s see. What’s that? You want to know what I’ve gotten done? Ok, twist my arm and I’ll tell you...I’m kidding, you know that you don’t have to twist my arm!

Rehearsal dinner invite mock-up done and approved by a few people (I promise that I’ll share some pics soon!)

B’s wedding band ordered...or at least I’ve started the ordering process. I had to convo the seller on Etsy since I want some alterations done to the design...but as soon as I hear back from them, I’ll purchase the ring. Here’s a picture of it.

You might recognize it from Miss Fro Yo’s post on weddingbee...I have actually been in convo with this seller for about a month now trying to find a compromise between their designs and what B wants in his ring. I think that he finally just got tired of going back and forth and he picked something completely different!

With the help of some of the ladies on weddingbee, I found and bought these socks for all of our groomsmen (and ring bearer) and B to wear on the big day - the black and purple ones...

Do you like them? Can you tell from the picture that the little line of color looks like hot pink? Do you think that it’s as perfect as I do when you picture my socks? If you can’t remember what my shoes look like, click here for a reminder.

I had our first unofficial “meeting” with our officiant, who also happens to be a fellow co-worker and personal friend. (Is it still a meeting if it’s just emails back and forth? I think so!) He had given us some rough draft ceremonies several months ago, and B and I took what we liked about each of the ceremonies and combined it with bits and pieces of other ceremonies that we had found and liked. Then once we loved it, I forgot about it. As in, forgot to send it to the ONE person who needs to ok it. Oh well, better late than never, right? He got it today, read it, loved it, and he and I shared several very emotional emails back and forth about finding the right person and how touching certain excerpts from our ceremony are. I love that he loves it. I worked on it for quite a long time, so I’m glad that he doesn’t want to make changes.

Whew. (Insert a mental image of a tired bride wiping her forehead off!) That was a big day! This tired bride either needs a nap or a bowl of ice cream as a reward...

How is your To Do List coming? Are you whittling it down? It’s amazing to me how many things have to wait until the last 30 days or so...

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  1. Love the socks! I've been looking all over for bright colored argyle...the site you're using is great! Thanks!