Saturday, September 19, 2009

Featured Wedding – Nora and John

Today, Pink Posh Photography brings us the CUTEST wedding. This one is chock-full of DIY details...and it makes me long for my own wedding day - to showcase my own hard work and projects! Check out what Pink Posh had to say:

"A few weeks ago, Thurst and I got to hang out with Nora and John at their Hoffstastic wedding. (I told you I was going to use the word Hoffstastic somewhere!) But really, when I didn't think I could love how fun and bubbly Nora's personality was before when I first met her wayyyyy back during their engagement session...I think I love her more now. When on the wedding day, most of the wedding party usually caters to the bride and groom and their wants and needs, I see Nora setting aside what she needed to do to get HER girls all pretty and ready for the wedding. Later on that evening when we went out to do some quick late night portraits, I noticed Nora was a bit fidgety...and really, really, really wanted to get back into the party. Whereas, John was happy to take pictures as long as it kept him off the dance floor. But stalkers, I couldn't be mad at Nora. You see, Nora had requested the DJ to play a special song that she wanted to dance with the kiddos she taught...and she was really concerned she was going to miss the opportunity to dance with her students. Yeah, she's that awesome."
Here's some eye candy for you...

A "first look" without seeing each other...

And now for the details...


Do you love seeing ideas that you've had in action? I've thought about doing table names like hers...single words that invoke the feeling of a wedding...kiss, live, love, dream, get the point.

Wasn't that divine? Be sure to check out the blog on Pink Posh's site for more beautiful pictures from Nora and John's wedding day - these were just my favorites!

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