Sunday, September 6, 2009

I’m SOOO Touched...

I mean, literally. My readership and followers has grown SO much in the past few weeks...B laughs at me when I tell him that I’ve gotten another follower, and since it’s like one follower at a time that I tell him it’s sort of like a play-by-play.
He laughs because he’s jealous. That’s my story anyway! He’s actually really proud that I get such a kick out of the comments and interaction with other brides and people in general reading my blog. My friends usually just read it and email me with comments, so their not posted, but you readers are just the BEST!

I think what I love the best is how willing you are to help a fellow bride out. I write a post and you all comment so well on them, and when I ask for help finding something you send me all kinds of links to the answers – or suggestions at least. And when I need your opinion, you give it to me. It’s so great, so thank you. And I’m doing my best to follow along with all of YOU too, and comment on your blogs as well, since I know what it’s like to get that comment love!

A reader of mine this last week even went so far as to do research for me! I posted here about some concerns about using fresh vs. silk rose petals, and Teale (her blog is found here go check it out!) not only commented once with the place that I had already decided had the best pricing available online for fresh petals, but she took it one step further and started thinking outside of the box. Who says that the petals have to be roses, anyway? She did a search (knowing my colors) and found these great carnations on their site that I could simply de-petal with my Maids the days before the wedding. And her point is valid. Mixed in with the cream and lavender rose petals, who would notice? I think that it’s a great idea! Here’s a picture of what she found...

Once I was there through the link that she sent me, I stumbled upon this mix of carnations... That one might work too. is a great source for wedding flowers, but they only sell in bulk. I don’t know that I need 140 stems of those carnations. But then again, maybe I do. Who knows how many petals one carnation would I’d probably rather be safe than sorry. has both a mixed package of lavender/cream petals... And a pack of just cream petals...

source for ALL photos

I could go either direction, getting 6,000 petals either way for the same price. And FedEx delivery is standard and FREE – Score! You know I like to feel like I’m getting a bargain – what bride doesn’t?

So I think that I’ve settled the debate about fresh flowers vs. freeze dried petals, and I’ve even managed to brainstorm an idea for how to get those packages ready since the fresh petals have to be delivered so close to the actual day...but you don't think that I'm gonna tell you that idea now, do you? No way!

Thank you once again, ladies, for ALL of your help - and a BIG shout out to Teale for thinking outside of the box! You're all SO great!

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  1. Awww I know exactly how you feel about getting new readers/followers! It is so exciting! And I have always been so surprised at how complete strangers are so willing to help you with wedding related things!