Monday, August 17, 2009

Work Out Wagon Results – Week #14

I haven’t written a post about this in a while, so I thought that it was time for an update. It wasn’t that I wasn’t still working on things, I am…but it seemed like I had SO much to share there for a bit and these posts about my work-outs seemed like fluff.

When we left off, these were my stats (that was at Week #9):
Weight – 148
Tummy – 31.5 / 37 (true waist / “tummy”)
Thighs – 23.25

And since I’m a good bride, who’s been working in the background, even though I haven’t been holding myself as accountable as I had been, here’s my stats as of this morning.

Current Stats:
Weight – 145
Tummy – 31.25 / 36.5 (true waist / “tummy”)
Thighs – 22.75

Progress, much? Looking at things each week, it seems like I wasn’t really going anywhere. But take a month off of looking at it so closely, and I am really making progress! I’m SO proud of my progress, even when it doesn’t seem like all that much.

Let me give you some cumulative stats:
Starting weight – 158 – 13 (THIRTEEN) pounds lost!
Starting Tummy – 34 / 37 – Almost 3 (THREE) inches off of my true waist!
Starting Thighs – 24 – Almost 1.5 inches off of my thighs!

Yeah, so I’m not as excited about my “tummy” measurement. But that’s ok. The other numbers really speak up louder and help me be ok with it all. And my clothes? They’re fitting SO nicely! Nothing is tight anymore, and some things are even starting to look a bit baggy on me.

So what is it exactly that I’ve been doing? I watch what I eat – ALL the time. I try to have one or two cheat meals (LOVE me some pizza!) each week so that it’s not all watching all the time. I’ve done a great job of sticking to my “no sodas during the week” rule, and it helps. I also have a sweet tooth, so instead of fighting it ALL the time, I found candy that wasn’t super high in calories…just a piece or two will calm the sweet tooth and not totally wreck my day as far as calories go.

I’ve also changed my work-out. Before, I concentrated solely on running to burn some carbs. That’s all well and good, but it was starting to wear on me a bit. I injured my knee a few weeks back and was forced off of the treadmill for an entire week. That’s when B introduced me to the stationary bike, his new best friend. I rode that solid for a week (and yes, my legs were totally rubbery the first day when I got off of the bike!) and now mix up my work-outs to include both the bike and the treadmill. Instead of struggling to run between 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week, I run twenty minutes on the treadmill and then spend my remaining 20 minutes of the workout on a bike. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the proof is in the pudding – my thighs are noticing the change!

I’m getting really close to meeting my goals for the wedding, and there are still two months to go. So I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing so that I don’t get off track, but not completely stress about it all anymore either. Is that a good plan? I know that the last few weeks will be stressful and since I don’t eat when I’m stressed, I know that more will shed just by sheer lack of time…so I don’t plan on stressing about these last few pounds right now.

What I do need to start focusing on is toning some muscles that will be shown off at the wedding – like my arms…so that’s what I’ll start to focus on these last nine weeks. Less focus on calories and burning and maybe more time on the weights.

How are your fitness goals coming along? Have you found taking a break from focusing on things helps you, or does it hinder you to not have that focus? I’m curious to know…

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