Monday, August 3, 2009

“Cakeball” Trial...

Well, all I can say is that the “cakeballs” where a SUCCESS!!! They were cute AND yummy!

I made them the other night, and both B and I loved them. And if that wasn’t enough of a YES vote, then I took the left-overs to my office the next day (since you KNOW they can’t stay at our house!) and everyone’s been raving about them ever since! I’ve given out the recipe twice, and one guy still can’t believe that I made them, not bought them from somewhere. So...don’t be surprised if you see these bad boys at our wedding!

source - my own crackberry!

Of course, hopefully I’ll be better at the decoration portion of the trials by then! LOL

The chocolate ones didn’t turn out too badly since I “decorated” them with the leftover vanilla coating, but the vanilla ones look a bit rough. And I can say that, since I’m the chef!

So you want to know how I did them? I’ll do a post soon...once I remember to take some pics of what I did! Until then, check out Bakerella’s blog here. I simply modified the cupcake lollipops into just plain old “cakeballs” but followed the basic recipe for direction.

Make. Eat. Enjoy!

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