Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Way, No How, NOT Gonna Happen

I stumbled across this wedding this weekend while perusing through the absolute endless wedding blogs that I read upon occassion...I mean, what else is a girl gonna do at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? Everyone else is sleeping and working on MOST wedding projects that I need to work on makes noise...

Anyway, over at The Bride's Cafe, I saw this post...and I have to comment on these pictures.

The flowers created by Events by Showstoppers are to die for...and the photography skills of the team at Sedona Bride just blow me away...this is a great post on Bride's Cafe - go check it out.

Although the pictures are TRULY amazing, and I love the look that this couple has created, there is NO WAY that I could convince B to do any pictures like these. He's WAY too manly, bieng a Marine, to pose with a boa of flowers around his neck. Although I'm confident that he would do a LOT of things for me, this isn't one of them...

I don't even think that he would do this one...the flower boa is STILL too close!

Anyone else out there have a manly groom who wouldn't be caught dead in these shots? Big props to the bride who convinced her groom to do these!

*All images source of Sedona Bride

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  1. Not a chance! Mr. EB would politely decline...great shots though.