Thursday, June 25, 2009

One More Decision Down...

Mr. CC and I made a big decision the other day regarding our ceremony site. It’s something that I’ve been pondering about in the back of my mind for a few months now, but hadn’t really talked with Mr. CC about it at all. Imagine my surprise when he hears the options, that he just makes my decision SO easy! (That’s just one reason why I love him.)

Here’s the dilemma. I can’t exactly remember everything that the manager of Texas Old Town mentioned regarding our venue selection on the day that he met with us. I know, it’s shocking. But seriously. We looked at all three halls that TOT has to rent and they’re all a little bit different, all with different ceremony sits. So when I wonder about something, I usually check the TOT website and consult with their FAQ page, which is a GREAT idea for any venue to have!
Unfortunately, what I was wondering about didn’t get answered there. While on the site, I was perusing through some pictures and came across something that really made me wonder about my original question.

You see, I know that the reception site is all wood. Wood walls, wood floors, wood ceiling, wood trestles…and more importantly wooden chairs. What I can’t remember clearly is the ceremony site. Yes, I know that the arbor there is wooden. But are the chairs?
The picture that I clearly recall shows metal folding chairs. Plain, ugly, metal folding chairs. Probably NOT that big of a deal, but in the long run…not something that I really want to see when I look back at wedding pictures from our ceremony. I would much prefer wooden chairs. They look much prettier. I can’t remember if Danny (the manager) told me that the wooden ones were or weren’t available, or if they’re only available for certain halls…I just can’t remember. So when MOH and I were looking over their website to see something else, I came across a picture that shows what I think is my ceremony site with wooden chairs. Not pretty white or black ones, but a nice, natural wood. WAY better than metal folding chairs!
Since I can find nothing in my notes (probably because I didn’t write anything down that day!) and nothing on the website to answer my question of what type of chair our ceremony site come with, I quickly shoot off an email to Danny asking him about it. I needed to check with him on a few details anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity to do it all at the same time. His reply the next day confirmed my worst fear…the ceremony sites all come with metal chairs.

So…now I’m in a dilemma. My first thought is chair covers. Something like this perhaps?
But they’re somewhat pricey. You can find them from around $2 a piece, but that doesn't include the pretty sash. The sash can be an additional $2-4 each... depending on material and style and such. I wouldn't HAVE to have the sash, but most of them are kinda plain and need a sash...this is getting expensive.

My other option turns out to be more affordable. Renting chairs. It seems silly to rent chairs when the venue provides some free of charge, but hey – they’re ugly. And I don’t want ugly wedding pictures. Because by this point, I’m positive that the ugly metal chairs will be the focus of the wedding…irrational, I know. Bear with me.
I find chairs to rent in a nice folding white or black from anywhere between $2-$4 a piece. Which is a little cheaper than the cover route. I decide that this is something that I HAVE to have, and I figure out the best way to approach Mr. CC about it. I try to figure out a way to “pitch” the sale to him in a way that he’ll say yes. (The one pictured above is actually $3.50 at the most expensive place in Austin that offers rentals.)

It’s obvious that I read WAY too many wedding blogs, because Mr. CC is nothing like some grooms out there. He wants a nice wedding too, and more than that, he wants me to have the wedding that I want. I drop all pretense of a “pitch” and just tell him that I found out that the ceremony chairs will be metal folding chairs. I figure that straight up is the best policy here. Lucky for me, I’ve got a classy groom, and the look of horror that crossed his face when he pictured the metal chairs was priceless!

“But won’t that look a little…” Mr. CC commented, struggling to find the right words.

“Yes. It will.”

Then I tell him that I would like to rent them and how much it would be in total and he calmly tells me to go ahead and find them to rent. Yea me! See, brides, this is a lesson for you all out there – be forthcoming and upfront about the problems that you foresee with your upcoming wedding, and the groom deals A LOT better with the information.

Or maybe that’s just MY groom…I do tell myself how lucky I am over and over!

So there you have it. Now, take a look at this picture. You can’t tell me that these wooden chairs don’t look a LOT better than the previous ceremony site picture that I posted! Be honest…

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