Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Dress Try-On Results

See? I didn’t leave you hanging all THAT long about my dress!

Just a day. Nothing to sweat over. Ok, so here’s the deal with my dress…it FITS!

After all of the drama that went into the ordering the right size of dress written about here, I have to admit that I was really worried. And then I did a trial showing of the dress when I was in Dallas a few months ago at a different Alfred Angelo store and the helpful lady there re-measured me and reassured me that all would be well, written about here. So…there was a LOT of anticipation over the fitting of the dress!

Added on top of all of that the fact that I have fallen off of the work-out wagon and haven’t done anything in about a month…LOTS of anticipation over the dress.

So, the really good news is that the dress fits nicely. It looks great from the front, and is VERY flattering to my current figure. So, even if all I concentrated on was firming and toning my arms so that they look their best in the gown, I would be happy.

The bad news? I STILL have back cleavage. Which I’m NOT happy about. But it’s kinda what I get for falling off of the work-out wagon. And the good news is that it’s not as bad as it was in the floor model dress which was a size too small for me. When I had on the floor model dress, not only was the “fat” around my shoulder blades and back smushed inwardly together, but it was sort of hanging over the lip of the dress. Not so in the size that fits me. It’s still smushed together, but not hanging over. So I either made some progress (which I’d like to think) or the size bigger made a difference (probably more likely!).

Either way, it’s great motivation to get me back ON the work-out wagon. And I’m going to proceed and approach things a little bit like I did before, and I little bit differently too. For one thing, I’m going to be doing different workouts. I like the P90X that Mr. CC really likes, but I think that for what I’m trying to accomplish right now, I need more cardio. So while I will be doing some of the P90X workouts with Mr. CC still, I’m going to do some different workouts too.

Plus, I’m going to increase my accountability level to you guys. Remember, you are my cheerleaders and I need encouragement from you. You need to cheer with me when I make progress and kick-start me when I’m not doing so good…so instead of just sharing my progress with you all, I’m taking it up a notch. Not only will I share my actual numbers with you (weight and measurements), but I’m also going to set weekly goals for my workouts and see if being held accountable on a weekly basis for meeting those goals helps me stick to it. You hear all the time about how good it is to write down your goals with pen and paper, making them real to you. So, maybe typing them out and putting them out on cyberspace for all the “world” to see (or the 5 people that read this blog) will help make me more accountable.

So, might as well start today, right? Each Tuesday I’ll post my progress along with my goals for the week. Then, the following week, I’ll be honest and let you know how I did on my goals from the week before, along with posting new numbers and new goals for the current week.

Think that you’re up to helping me? I don’t really need to lose much weight, as MOH pointed out to me losing too much weight now would be alterations for the dress…which might cause more problems that I want to tackle! I really just want a little weight loss, but more toning and shaping. So here’s what I’ve got right now:

Long-term Goals:
Lose 10 pounds before the wedding
Tone and sculpt my back, arms and that spot between arm and chest that sometimes looks pudgy
Feel healthier, making better eating choices and exercising regularly. Not a DIET, but a change in habits.
Current stats: (there are only three places that I’m really concerned a lot about measuring)
Weight - 154
Tummy - 34/37 (true waist/"tummy")
Thighs - 24
This Week’s Goals:
Two P90X workouts with Mr. CC – choosing from chest/back, arms/shoulders and kempo (following each workout with the ab ripper x workout too)
Run 2 times this week on other days – 5 minute warm-up then running sprints lasting 30-60 second a piece for 20 minutes followed by 5 minute cool down
Cut back on Soda (one every other day, if possible)
Cut back on Sweets (possibly do a reward at the end of the day if I was “good” during the day)

So that’s it. That’s Miss CC’s plan to start out her work-out wagon. I think that I’m not shooting too high, aiming right in the middle. I’d really like to run more than twice a week, but we’ll start off easy and see how it goes since this is the first week back in more than a month. I ran yesterday and I have to admit that my legs are hating me today…and they’ll be even worse tomorrow!

I’ll check in next Tuesday and let you know how I did and what progress I made….keep your fingers crossed for me, and be sure and send me a note of encouragement!

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