Friday, April 3, 2009

A Prank on the Bride

Ok, so the other day was April 1st, which most people realize is April Fools Day – an opportunity for “tricky” people to play practical jokes on strangers and loved ones alike.

I, myself, have fallen for a practical joke a time or two in the past. But I have to give my MOH an award for BEST April Fool’s joke EVER in history…and maybe this has happened to other brides, so I’ll share my funny moment.

You see, I mentioned earlier here, that I’m out of town all this week. I am sitting in the most BORING meetings ever – all day long…8:30AM to 5:30PM where they order lunch in for you and some days you even work while you’re eating your lunch. So, with that being said, the point that I’m trying to make is that time has halted for me. Each day is almost exactly like the day before, and the whole “date” concept has flown out the window for me. So imagine my surprise when I received an email from my MOH on Wednesday (which was April Fool’s – whether I realize it or not!) and it stated:

Hey-Hope that all is well with you.I am not doing well, I found out some bad news today. You know my dad takes a hunting trip every October..........well he will be gone on the weekend of you wedding and that would just leave Shanna here to work the store..............I am very sorry but I do not think that I will be able to be in your wedding. I will try to make it work and let you know asap.

That was an EXACT copy and paste from her email. Word for word. And it totally shocked me. I mean, here I am in the most boring meeting on earth, and I get this email. I’m SO upset! There was a lot of stress and drama surrounding my decisions on who would be standing with me at the altar.

Now, I’ll admit that most of the drama was my own creation, because I was hung up on the length of time that you know someone versus how close you are at the moment. So anyway, despite all the drama that surrounded my choices in who my best ladies were, this one special lady was NEVER a decision to make. She’s the one that I can’t imagine doing this day without…that’s not really true. There are LOTS of people that I can’t imagine doing this day without, including all of my other ladies…but you know what I’m trying to say. So you can imagine my dismay to realize that one of the people that I can’t do this without having them by my side writing me and telling me that she can’t be there…

Insert a VERY sad face.

And what made this even more believable was the fact that she knows that I know that her Dad DOES go hunting each fall in Colorado with a group of friends. She and I have been friends long enough for me to know this and recognize this trip as a valid point. It just gave her story validity. And it also helped to lend to the prank a bit more truth was that they do in fact run a family-operated business that would suffer with the absence of two family members at the same time. So I could completely visualize her dilemma.

I took a few minutes to sort it out in my mind, and then replied back to her email telling her that I understood. I know that this situation is out of her control, and she can only do so much to work it out. I asked that she please let me know as soon as she could, so that I could determine a new course of action.

To which she replied back to me asking if I still loved her…of course I do, and I told her so. Then I received her reply to that she was only pranking me for April Fool’s Day…and she received a reply from me that I did NOT in fact love her anymore…LOL!

Yeah, I didn’t even think about that she could be pulling my leg on the whole thing. These meetings all week long are just sapping my mental capabilities and I had not even had a thought all day long that it was April 1st, thus making it April Fool’s Day. So the joke was on me, and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Good one BMaid T!! I’ll give you this one, but just remember that paybacks are hell…

Did anyone else fall for an April Fool’s prank as readily as I did? Or did you have a wedding party member play a prank on you during the wedding planning process?

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