Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Day Has FINALLY Come!

Well, don’t hate on me…but by the time that you all will be reading this post, I’ll be on VACATION! We’ll already be on the road, and hopefully halfway to Houston…on our way to NOLA.

Woohoo! I’m SO excited!

It’s finally here, we’ve done so much planning for it, and I’ve just been SO excited to be taking this much needed break that I don’t know what to do with myself. The lady that handled the details of the condo rental for us emailed all the check-in/out procedures to me yesterday and it just lit a little fire underneath me that the time was finally here.

Further hit home when little CC and I got home last night from our date to find Mr. CC starting to wash all of our laundry so that we all have clothes to wear this weekend.

What’s that?

No, we’re not taking the kids along with us, but it IS our weekend with the kids (don’t ask – I’m really NOT sure how we planned a trip without checking our weekend kid schedule) so the grandparents are stepping in and taking them for the two days of the weekend that we’ll be gone. Mr. CC’s dad and step-mom are SO wonderful to help us out in our last-minute realization that we have our kids on the same weekend that we made out-of-town travel plans! We can’t thank them enough! And we know that the kiddos will have tons of fun with them too.

So we can escape for our weekend of fun in NOLA with no worried about the home front. We’re meeting up with our friends from CA on Friday for the actual day that we’ll spend at Jazz Fest, which will be SO fun. Then that night, their parents want to take us out to an authentic NOLA restaurant, some little place that’s not on the hot tourist spots for eating, so it’s SURE to be yummy! And then I’m sure us “kids” will hit up Bourbon Street for some good music and delicious daiquiris…I can already taste them…3/4 pina colada and ¼ strawberry daiquiri – the PERFECT mix.

Except the Mr. CC will argue and say that the PERFECT mix is ½ watermelon and ½ strawberry daiquiri…whatever. It’ll be yummy.

And then on Saturday we’ll do beignets for breakfast at the famous Café du Monde, and spend a day touring the Quarter, browsing the shops…listening to good music…visitng the casino…doing whatever we want. I can’t wait! Can you tell I’m just a LITTLE excited?

So I won’t post tomorrow…don’t be sad. I’ll be back on Monday with some vacation pictures of our fun, and a recap on how we liked renting the private condo for our vacation. Remember, this is a trial run for possibly renting a private residence for our honeymoon instead of going with a major hotel chain…so there will be LOTS to share!

Have a great weekend! I KNOW I will…

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