Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workout Update - Week #1

Well, I promised you a weekly update on my workout progress, so here it is.

But before I share that with you all, I have to say thanks for all the concern and care that you’ve shown me for my sore muscles! I’ve gotten several comments expressing how “concerned” you all are! Too funny.

Ok – so for the first week, we didn’t do so good. Not that we didn’t see progress, but we didn’t do so good sticking to the program. This program is ROUGH! I mean, R-U-F-F! It was so bad, and I’m not sure if I already shared this or not (bear with me if I did!), that we were not even able to complete a whole workout until the end of the week. We didn’t want to push it after our first disastrous exposure to the program, so we did as much as we could each night and eventually settled into a rhythm. The hardest part for me is remembering that I’m NOT supposed to be keeping up with them. The people in the videos have all finished the program at least once, or they’ve been doing this for a year or more, so you as the beginner at home are not expected to lift the weight that they lift, or do the number of reps that they do. You start out, doing as much as you can, keeping a workout log so that you can track your improvement. But it’s hard not to do what they’re doing…but when you’re first starting out you just can’t. You’ll hurt yourself!

So for the first week, or two or three weeks, you might only be able to do 5 reps of each exercise. But you should try to do more the next time that you do that series. There is a different video for each night of the week, repeating no set of exercises. And I don’t know if you’re “supposed” to go in order or not. We didn’t go in order last week, since it was our first week and making this time commitment and adjustment has been rough. So we’re not sure if we had kept to the required actions and order if we would have had better results.

Enough talking already…here you go. I didn’t lose any inches in either my waist or my thigh the first week, but I lost ONE POUND! Mr. CC actually thinks that it’s two pounds, but we disagree on how much my shoes weigh. Last week when we weighed in officially I had socks and shoes on, last night I didn’t have any on and added three pounds into my weight to compensate. He thinks that it should be one pound. We split the difference and wrote down my weight plus 2, which put me at minus one pound.

Isn’t that cool?!?! I would have liked to have seen more progress, but it was our first week, and for just starting up we did great. And I’m VERY happy to report that we have finished almost every workout this week that we’ve done so far, so we’re making progress. Yea us!

I won’t share Mr. CC’s progress with you all or give you actual numbers to work with yet. Mr. CC thinks that I share too much on my blog. But isn’t that the point? Sharing what’s going on with my life so that those who can’t keep up with me via email or phone calls can still keep up with me?

Maybe most people don’t blog each day, but I enjoy it. It’s very soothing, and therapeutic to a degree, especially when I write about something that is bothering me. And since there are people out there that read it daily, I hope that you look forward to what’s going on or what I’m sharing. Maybe it’s too much, I don’t know. I’ve always been prone to sharing too much, my whole life I’ve been this way. I’m a horrible liar and maybe that leads into the whole thing. I’m an open book because I have no choice but to be that way. If I try to keep something inside or hidden or flat out lie about something it just doesn’t work for me.

So if I share too much, I’m sorry. Don’t read. I can’t change, and choose not to change the way that I am to appease anyone else ever again. Unless it’s harmful to someone, that’s the only excuse that I can think of that is acceptable for me, and I seriously doubt that me sharing my workout program and progress with you all is harming anyone. Now, if I posted my before pictures, you might lose your lunch…and THAT would be harmful…haha! LOL!

So keep the good words of encouragement coming, and I will be sure to share a weekly update with you all on my progress towards losing that 15 pounds that I would like to lose for the wedding. Does anyone have any special workout "secrets" that they can share to keep me motivated as I go along? I promise to share if you share...

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