Friday, March 13, 2009

Dresses for the Maids...Part II

Now for part II of the Maids dresses…

Yeah, there’s more. You didn’t think that I’d stop there, did you?

To be fair, I also went online to trusty Alfred Angelo to take a sneak peek at their bridesmaids dresses. They have a great selection, and the prices are about what I would expect at a bridal store. And as a bonus, my bridal lady gave me coupons for my maids to use if they purchase their dresses at Alfred Angelo. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember how much of a discount it is…it’s either $20 or 20%...about the same either way, since most of what I liked fell into the two flower or three flower price range.

For those of you who haven’t ever looked at prices for dresses online – Alfred Angelo rates their costs in ranges, showing bells or flowers for groupings of price. So one flower is the cheapest, and 5 or 6 flowers is the most expensive. Then they give you a range decoder – two flowers is under $150 and three flowers is under $175…

Here are some options that I saw on Alfred Angelo that I liked…

(The really cool thing is that I was able to change the colors on their website for the most part, so you can see them in all black!)

Short, sexy and sassy!

A softer, romantic flowing look that I LOVE!

Now, SHE looks sassy! Looks like a great salsa dress…

LOVE the rusching…very flattering and it combines short length and long…

Also a flattering style, but does it look too much like a bridesmaid dress?

VERY fun, flirty…looks like a great New Year’s dress.

I like this look, since it shows the ivory ribbon/sash…but not sure that the style would flatter me – you’d have to have the perfect body to pull this one off? I’d have to see it on.

Now, on this one, the color changer thing would only let me change the color of the dress. The sash and hemline didn’t change from the original. But it would be ordered in black and ivory…I like the flower, but once again, it looks a little too much like a bridesmaid dress.

That’s all that I saw at Alfred Angelo. Maybe this will help give my girls some of my vision that I’m seeing for their dresses. Once again, with the coupon, some of these dresses aren’t any more or less expensive than a good LBD from a department store. So it’s another option that we have out there. But then again, I saw so many of the dresses here that I picked out that greatly resemble a dress that I had already found at Dillard’s.

So there. Ladies, you have some things to think about. I know that David’s Bridal also has a LOT of good choices on the maids dresses, so I’ll check out their website too…just for kicks and grins.

So what do you think?

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