Friday, February 13, 2009

The Crazy Ways a Woman's Mind Works

So just in case you’re all wondering…I’m ok. Really. I just had a REALLY bad day the other day. You know the kind of day that I’m talking about? The one where on a normal day the fact that you can’t decide if you want a ham or turkey sandwich really isn’t a big deal, but on this one particular day, everything seems like the most ginormous decision that you’ve ever made?

I’m sure that you have, or for the sake of my own sanity, I’m gonna tell myself that!

So Wednesday was one of those days for me. But luckily, I’m engaged to the most wonderful guy ever. Mr. CC, although adding to my troubles the other day, grasped the situation and realized that I was just under a tremendous amount of stress. And without me telling him, he understood that his actions had only added to and magnified my stress level to the breaking point. (thus the tears all day long…)

And just like a good fiancé should do, he swooped in and helped save the day. He offered to help more with the wedding, including helping me make decisions that I know that he could probably care less about. But just being a sounding board for me really helps. He offered to call another caterer for me, and he also took care of booking the dj that we had heard about. After that was done, and the color choices were cleared by him, we tackled the house. We divided up the chores and came up with a game plan for keeping things under control so that neither one of us would feel like we were doing the lion’s share of the work. And bless his heart, he wanted to do it all that night so that I would immediately feel better…little did he know that just having a plan that we had committed to made me feel better!

Once I calmed him down and assured him that we could do a little bit each night to get the house in order, I took a step back and looked around. A HUGE weight had gone off of my shoulders, and I took a big deep breath. It’s true what they tell you – to relax a little, you just have to breathe…

By that afternoon, I felt better, was ready to tackle new projects and had a better outlook on the whole wedding process. I know, that this sounds a little crazy to any guy out there reading this, but just crying about it, and getting it off of my chest to someone who then turned around and offered to help, made me feel 110% better about the whole thing.

I just realized how lucky I am. He’s not perfect, and he knows it. But then again, neither am I. But maybe, just maybe….we’re perfect for each other. I love him more than I could have ever imagined loving someone, and I know that he feels the same way…even if I am controlling, neurotic and stressed out sometimes! I guess that’s what the part of the vow that says “for better or worse” is talking about, huh?

Have a great weekend! Talk to you next week! Oh, and enjoy Valentine’s Day – take a minute to tell someone how much you care, because even if you think that they know it’s still nice to hear the words every once in a while.

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