Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Wish...

Merry Christmas to all of you out there…

I hope that the holidays bring you joy and whatever it is that you want most out of life.

I know that as times changes, the things that you think that you need change as well. Like when you’re a kid and the MOST important thing in the world is whether or not you get that special toy from Santa underneath the tree and you think that you’ll just DIE if you don’t get it. Or when you get a little bit older and you are certain that THE MOST important thing in the world is whether or not the designer jeans that you are certain will knock Johnny’s socks off are wrapped up somewhere just waiting for you to open them.

Now that you’re older, you understand that there are more important things to your life.

For me, I’ve personally already got all that I could ever want or ask for. And it’s not even Christmas yet – how lucky am I?!?! I’ve got a daughter that is the best thing that ever happened to me, she makes me a better person. I’ve got a family that is all relatively healthy and who loves me. And most importantly, I’ve got a man in my life that sees me for me, one who sees the real Sandy underneath all of the other stuff and loves me for who I am. A man who constantly strives to show me that love in a million little ways each and every day, along with some big ways every once in a while! (Yes, I’m looking at the ring finger on my left hand, babe!)

I really could not ask for more. It would be selfish.

So to all of my loved ones out there…I hope that you have all that you wish for this holiday season. I hope that you sing some Christmas carols, drive around and enjoy the Christmas lights, and enjoy the time that you have with your own loved ones. For all those that I won’t be able to personally see, take this as my hug and I’ll give you one in person the next time that I do see you…

Merry Christmas!

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