Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Views...

So not only was our suite truly wondering, incredibly romantic and just a place that we didn’t want to leave...it had GREAT views. And when I say great, I mean FAN-TAS-TIC!!! When I booked our room with Riu Santa Fe a few months back, I read all the reviews that I could find on the place. Some of them seemed like maybe just grouchy people complaining, but some seemed to have some valid points. Most of them dealt with complaints about how far their rooms were located from the main area of the resort.

I can’t really say that I agree with them. Our room was in the 7000 block of rooms, which IS the furthest block from the main resort, meaning from the front desk, the main restaurant and the sports bar and stores. But it’s also located right on the beach. By the biggest pool, and the only restaurant that was open for lunch was also housed in the 7000 block. So it really wasn’t that inconvenient, if you ask me. Then again, we enjoy our exercise. Maybe other people don’t.

But when I say that our room was right on the beach...I literally mean that it was right. on. the. beach. Take a look at what we woke up to each day...
Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!? And yes, those rocks that you see are the ones that form the world-famous arch that Cabo San Lucas is known for. No, you can’t see the actual arch from our room, but trust me, it’s there.

There was a big tuna fishing tournament that started the day after we got there, so there were dozens and dozens of boats docked out in the bay. Take a look...I took this one because it reminded me of Forest Gump’s shrimp boat...yeah, I’m a dork!
We could also sit on our balcony and watch these bad boys cruise into the bay.
I’ve never been on a cruise before, but these gigantic floating cities literally would come almost all the way up to shore. I guess only one could come in so close at a time, but the others would just stay out in the bay a bit. They were truly amazing to see this close. Each morning one or two ships would pull into the bay, and each night they left again. It was really neat to see some many different ones.

And there’s the beach. We were warned ahead of time by friends who have travelled to Cabo that we might not be able to swim in the ocean. Our resort did not have guards posted to keep you out of the ocean, but there were warnings posted everywhere about the strong riptide. The beach along the stretch of Cabo that we were located on is man-made...meaning that the shelf that extends in the ocean is only a few feet. Once off of that shelf, the drop is pretty good, which makes for strong tides of waves crashing onto shore. We witnessed many people “playing” in the ocean and how fast they would get taken further than they intended. Luckily, no one we were watching was harmed or in any danger.

But with five different pools located on our resort, we never got the urge to try our luck in the ocean, other than just getting our feet wet! We did walk along the beach several times...and with that, I’ll leave you for now, and save some of our activities for another post!


  1. So beautiful. We stayed at Cabo Azul back in October and had a view similar to yours...not near the arches, but where we could see the main resort pool with the beach just beyond it. Our room had those big huge wall sized window doors that retract all the way into the walls so it's like there is no wall there at all on the balcony. We would leave them open all the time and fall asleep to the waves crashing and wake up to the beautiful sun and trees...oh my how I miss it. So glad you had such a great room! Yea!

  2. Ohhhh those views ARE amazing... I would have loved to wake up to that everyday. People are lazy hey!? lol... a little walking never hurt anyone. That room and that view make up for all of the trouble!