Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Honeymooners Take To the Skies...

The activities that you can find to do in Cabo are pretty typical activities for most tropical destinations. There’s jet skis to rent...Water taxis to hire...some with glass bottoms for your viewing pleasure...Then there’s this...Yep, parasailing. When we first started talking about our activities, I knew that B would probably want to do more “exciting” things than I was wanting to do. My vision of the perfect honeymoon would have involved just laying around sunning all day long...every day. But I can see where that would be boring to some, especially B, and since I finished the one and only book that I brought along with me (what was I thinking?!?!) I was a little bored laying around too.

There were two activities that caught B’s eye. Zip lining and parasailing. Now, I’m not a dare-devil by any means. But I’ve been around several people recently who have done zip lining, and I was willing to try it. Or parasailing, especially when I found out that we could do a doubles parasailing...but I was NOT down with doing the bungee jump that was also offered at the zip line place.

In the end, B didn’t really think that I would zip line with him...he thought I was too scared, and maybe he would have been we opted for the parasailing. What I thought was most cool about this was that neither one of us had ever done this before, so it was a first for both of us. I had worried initially mostly about the height and getting scared while up in the air. Some people worry about the landing or taking off, but I was most worried about freaking out while in mid-air. Knowing that B would be right beside me was a huge comfort.

We called around and scheduled the trip, and agreed to meet the water taxi service that was included a little ways down the beach from our hotel. It was a little trek for us, but we didn’t have anything else to do anyway, right? We got there with plenty of time to spare, and had to stand around waiting while fighting off peddlers and other tour groups. Luckily for us, once we told them the group that we were with, they seemed to respect that and move on.

Not so lucky for us? About 10 minutes before the taxi was supposed to get there, I realized that I had left the voucher in our room. Crap! We talk about it briefly and I win the argument of if they’re really going to require it or not. I race as fast as I can back to the hotel to get the voucher. And it wasn’t very was a LONG walk...and it was hot...but it was better for me to go since the trek would have been too much for B with his injured foot. Don’t you know that walking in the sand is REALLY hard when the joints in your foot don’t bend all that well?

Anyway, by the time that I got back to B on the beach, with the voucher in hand, I was drenched in sweat and ready to hop into the ocean for a quick dip! He had made friends with another tour guy and they were in the process of calling to check on our taxi when I arrived. Luckily, it pulled up right after I got there, and don’t you know, the first thing that they asked for was the voucher!

We rode the taxi back to the tour group base camp, and picked up the other passengers going with us. Then the taxi took us off to the boat and we were on our way. There was another couple going along, as well as a family of four from one of the cruise ships. They ended up being our lifesavers, as we had not brought our camera. We thought that the tour group would take pics and then sell them to you, so we didn’t bother bringing out camera along. We were so bummed when we realized that they didn’t have a problem with it, but the great cruise ship people, the Baker family, saved us. They took our pics and emailed them to me as promised.

Here’s Brent taking off...Moving up higher in the air...All the way up and LOVING it...Coming back down for his landing...The process was actually very simple. They strap you into a harness while the other person is up parasailing. When that first person lands, they simple unhook from the chute, hook to the boat, then hook the next person into the chute and unhook it from the boat. They have you sit down, and then the boat driver guns it and you take off. As the boat picks up speed, the chute picks up air and away you go!

Me sitting down...Taking off...not really sure what to do with my hands...In the air...Coming back in for my landing...I didn’t worry about my landing until right before it happened. Too funny! But it was easy, they just guide you back in and reel you back to them.

Parasailing wasn’t at all what either one of us was expecting. B thought that it would be more of a rush – the height, the air and all...but it was actually very calming and relaxing. It was completely peaceful up there, high above everyone else and the rest of the world. You’re part of it all, but removed from it all at the same time. You can still hear everything, and you can wave at people, but you’re all alone at the same time. My fear about the height proved to be a literally can’t tell how high up you are. Yes things are smaller, but since it’s just water beneath you, there’s no sense of distance. But here’s a picture of me fully extended so you can see that you do get on up there...Cool, huh? Anyone want to go right now? I do, I do!!!

We both LOVED this activity and it was well worth the money. We made a pact that no matter where else we travel in the world, we WILL parasail at each destination that offers it. It was really amazing!


  1. Aw, that looks like SO much fun. I have parasailed before but I had a really bad experience and am not so sure I will do that again :( lol
    So fun!
    (And btw, I would TOTALLY just lay around for my entire honeymoon too and be completely happy!)

  2. Awesome enjoyment and I also have a very good plan for this Christmas holidays for honeymoon again and have fun on the beach. Waiting for those moments again, Thanks for sharing with us.