Friday, November 13, 2009

Featured Wedding - Chelsea and Robert - 6th

There were many, many favorites for me to pick from of this wedding brought to us by Christina Carroll of Christina Carroll Photography. It makes me more and more anxious to see the sneak peeks of my own pcitures, knowing that she takes shots like these! Here's what Christina had to say about shooting this wedding:

"Remember that Saturday were it POURED all day long? That was Chelsea & Robert’s wedding day. Luckily their wedding was at Grace Covenant Church and their reception was at the Glass Oaks Ballroom (nothing outside). It was my first time at each location and they were both beautiful! I was hoping for a brief break in the rain so we could go outside and take some photos. That didn’t happen so we did all the photos inside. Chelsea & Robert didn’t even seem bothered by the rain! They were just happy to be married."
Enjoy...and don't forget to wipe off the drool!
I love this one where the girls are "peeking" out! I did that too! (No, I didn't think to capture it on film like she did, but I did get one quick peek in before Maid Momma chastized me! Sneaky!)
Congrats to Chelsea and Robert! It was a beautiful day...despite all the rain! Be sure to check out Christina's blog to see more shots of this wedding.