Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

Well, my friend Katie, over at this blog...go on check her out, I’ll wait...You’re back? Didn’t you just LOVE her blog...follow along with her too – she’s great! What was I saying? Oh yeah. Katie gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger’ll start our month off nice, I think, so I saved this post until today to share with you all. I guess the “rules” are that I must now list 7 facts about myself, and then pass the award on to 7 other blogger friends...Here you go!

1. If candy were a food group, that’s all that I would eat. Seriously. But when the candy comes in all sorts of colors (think Skittles or M&Ms) I have to eat them by color. Like two reds, two browns, two yellows. Yes, I like to eat them in pairs too...does that count as my #2 fact? Anyway, back to Skittles (my all time favorite candy ever!) I like to eat them in this order (least to most favorite flavor): lemon, lime, orange, grape and strawberry. Even if I just grab a handful out of the bag, I eat them in that order. And it TICKS me off when I bite into a red one expecting strawberry and get lemon!
2. I don’t eat sauce on my pizza. If I go eat somewhere and they won’t let me order it without sauce, that’s fine. I’ll still get it, but before I start eating, I will literally take off the toppings and cheese and scrape off the sauce onto my plate and put the toppings and cheese back on and proceed to eat. (*An extra weird fact? I knew that B was the one for me when we started dating and found out that neither of us liked sauce on their pizza! A match made in heaven!)
3. I am left handed...but only for writing and brushing my teeth. Everything else that I do I do with my right hand such as cutting with scissors/knife. But I can write almost legibly with both hands...
4. I sing when I’m in the car. I don’t care who sees me. I don’t care if I’m at a red light. I don’t really care if it sounds good or not. I can’t help it. I even mouth the words sometimes at the gym while using the equipment with my iPod!
5. I lose more hair in a single day than Chewbacca on Star Wars. B makes weird noises at me (think Chewbacca) sometimes when he sees my “shed pile” in the trash can...we both (and my mother) wonder how I’m not bald yet. It’s got to be only a matter of time!
6. I can’t stand to have anyone touch my neck. It started way back in junior high when a friend jokingly acted like she was going to strangle me, except that she pushed too hard and I passed out...ever since then I can’t stand to have anyone touch my neck. This annoys B to no extreme, and he tries to get past my defenses in this area repeatedly...he has NOT been successful thus far. But maybe this is just genetic, as my Mom can’t stand to have anything on her neck either – necklaces that are too tight, turtlenecks, nothing like that.
7. I’m a SUPER big Goofball. Dorky to the extreme. And I’m ok with that fact. You may think I’m weird, but I laugh at myself all the time and have the most fun. I’m the girl dancing her way down the aisle in Michael’s when “Thriller” comes on...and even better? B sings along with me if it’s a duet. Yep, we’re both BIG DORKS!

Well, that’s it. Seven things about me that maybe you knew and maybe you didn’t know. Now for the hard part...passing this along! Here are my picks (and I’m trying not to repeat!):

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If you aren’t already reading the blogs mentioned above, I would definitely recommend them! Great reads! Have with it gals!


  1. I shed too! I always say I don't know how I'm not bald yet - It's ridiculous!