Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featured Wedding - Brooke and Preston

Today's eye candy is brought to us by Pink Posh Photography, one of my favorite Austin photography companies. Read on to see what Pink Posh had to say about this wedding...

"Once in a blue moon, Thurst and I actually get to forego a drive to Houston and shoot a wedding in our town, Austin. :) Brooke and Preston got married in Austin on Saturday to glorious rainfall. It was much needed rain since Austin has been in a horrible drought...and although it wasn't ideal for this couple who had an outdoor wedding planned at the rose garden area of Zilker Botanical, it made for pretty rain pictures afterwards. :) Brooke is also a photographer herself: so it was easy for me to get the shots I needed and wanted for/from them...and plus they gave us plenty of time for them! LOVE THAT! And stalkers, can I tell you guys that I love Brooke+Preston's family. They have the most wonderful family! And I think Brooke+Preston's wedding was the first wedding that we've had so far where the groom's mom admitted to being a blog stalker (HI ANGIE) and the bride's dad made me absolutely blush with all his compliments over the images we've shot. Thank you for that! It's much appreciated. :) So, without further ado...because I know Brooke+Preston's family is eager to see some images from Saturday's wedding....
Stalkers, meet the lovely Brooke and her new husband, Preston. :)"

You KNOW that I loved the Converse...

And I LOVED that shot with the flower girls covering their eyes while the bride and groom kissed! Too cute!


Be sure to stop by Pink Posh's blog to see the rest of the great shots of Brooke and Preston's special day! Congratulations you guys!

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  1. Beautiful wedding!
    Awwwww... I want to get married ;)