Thursday, September 3, 2009

It’s “Google-able”...

Yep, you read that right Maid Britney – this post is for YOU!

Have you ever coined a term? Something that works for you in your everyday language and you find yourself using it over and over? Have you ever wondered how things like new words or new slang get popular in this day and age? Well...this post is about me doing my part to push a new word out to the masses!

You see, Maid Britney got married almost a year ago now, and she’s been a MAJOR help to me while planning my wedding. For all of you brides out there, you understand what it’s like to go into live, eat, breathe and sleep all things wedding. You are for all intents and purposes obsessed with making this ONE day the absolute BEST day that you can. You understand that things aren’t always perfect and that things might go wrong somewhere down the line, but you’re going to do all that you can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

And what happens to your normal friends? They eventually get tired of hearing about favors, escort cards, invitations, and your floral vision. Unless they’re engaged, they just can’t understand. So you turn to places like Style Me Pretty, Weddingbee, Snippet & Ink, and With this Ring...they offer you inspiration and understanding. (Especially the boards on Weddingbee!!)

But for me, I got Maid Britney at the exact right time. She was done with her wedding and the stress was gone, but she was still hooked on all things wedding-related. She’s actually the first person to tell me about blogs and introduce me to the world of I really need to say thank you over and over? So, this is like having an engaged Maid in my party. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with our jobs or personal lives, if I email her and tell her that I’ve got a wedding question, she answers me right away.

From time to time, I’ll ask her something that she doesn’t actually know though. In the past, I would say/hear “I don’t know. Google it.” And “Google it” became a popular phrase for me. I Google everything, from directions, to questions, to search items...Google is trusty and reliable and finds everything and more than I could ever envision needing to find. And then I found Google Reader...swoon, can anyone say fall in love AGAIN?!?!?

So here’s my story and how all of this relates. A few weeks ago, I had to make a quick day trip to Dallas for a meeting. I got there just in time for a quick lunch, and met up with Maid Britney and some of her co-workers for a quick bite at Chick-Fil-A. While there, one of the guys mentioned something to which Maid Britney promptly replied, “That’s Google-able.” They all cracked up, and I was obviously the outsider on this joke. Apparently, they had all spent one boring afternoon coming up with some new terminology (to use the phrase loosely) and were now in the process of working those new words into their everyday conversations. Maid Britney’s contribution? You guessed it – “Google-able.”

Now, I’m not really sure how things become popular or mainstream, and I don’t profess to be “hip” or “with it” or “in the know” on all things cool. But this I can do. I can present Maid Britney’s word out to all of my dear readers and friends that I’ve made via this little blog and encourage you to add a new word to your vocabulary.

Here’s a word of warning though. It doesn’t just roll off your tongue, as I’ve found out the hard way. The word takes a little bit of practice, so be warned. You’ll want to try it out in a few sentences before using it to someone are a few that you can try:

When someone asks you a question – “I don’t know, but it’s Google-able!”
When trying to figure out how to do something – “Hmmm, I wonder if that’s Google-able?”

Go ahead, try it out. Take Maid Britney’s word and run with it. Throw it out there for the masses to catch onto. I’ll know that this was a success if someone ever uses that word back to me...someone that I don’t know. (Either in real life, or via blogger world!)

And Maid Britney? You’re welcome. I know that you need a good laugh to start off your day...hopefully this provided it. Share it with the group around your desk so they can see how popular you’re going to be and where it all started!

Have you ever “made up” a word or catch phrase? How did that work out for you? Ever heard someone else say it?

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  1. I definitely tell anybody to "just google it" if there's something they don't know. I love google!