Friday, September 4, 2009

50 Days and Counting...

Can I share a secret with you?

Do you promise not to tell on me?

Ok, here goes...lean in a little closer...little bit more...ok, that’s good. (Picture me taking a deep breath)

I haven’t looked at my To Do list in almost two weeks!

Gasp! The horror!


Does that make me a bad bride? I hope not. Maybe it just means that I was tired of looking at it. Some things are getting crossed off, but my main accomplishment recently was the invitations, and low and behold, they weren’t even ON the list! I was so upset the other day when I went to go and cross them off and realized that I didn’t even have it on there! Stamp, stomp, and bang. (That’s my throwing a small fit when I made this realization.)

And it’s not even just the list. I would think that at 50 days out from my wedding, that I would eat, sleep, and breathe wedding. I don’t. At least not this past week. Here’s another confession since I’ve already shocked you so much this morning: I haven’t carried my wedding notebook with me in almost TWO weeks! Not to work, not to the car, not anywhere. It’s been sitting in the same spot for almost two weeks now...and no, that should NOT tell you anything about the cleanliness of my house. LOL. It’s just in a good spot!

I’m not “over” the wedding - not by a LONG shot. But it sure is wearing on a girl to plan a party for 11 months. It’s tiring! I still enjoy reading about weddings; hello, I follow how many wedding blogs and salivate over at weddingbee on a DAILY basis? Yeah, I still love weddings – that has not changed.

I’m just ready for MY wedding to be here. I'm ready for it to be OUR day. I want all of my hard work and planning to come together and make the crowd sigh and clap because it’s just so gorgeous. I want them to say to each other that it’s the best wedding they’ve been to in a while because it’s just so US. I want to call B my husband - the term fiance has gotten old. I want to slip that other band on my finger so that my engagement ring isn’t lonesome anymore. (You see how I’m working that angle?) haha

I want, I want, I want...

How were you doing at 50 days and counting? Were you also ready for it to all be done? Or were you feeling the pressure and running around like crazy.

Side note: I FULLY expect that mode to come back to me ANY DAY NOW. Seriously. I’ve been too calm lately and it’s starting to make me jumpy!


  1. it will come back and hit you like a brick LOL. I have 43 days to go today. I am SOOO ready for it to be here and done. All this planning and now the the home stretch is here I am ready to be a bride already!! I am def feeling the stress though. My dress fitting is this weekend.

  2. Only 50 days—that's so exciting :) I hope I feel the same way you do when I hit the 50-day mark.

  3. Keep me posted on what you find, honeymoon-wise and I'll do the same! The cool thing about Montreal is that you can take a 4 hour train ride and go to Toronto or Vancouver, so you aren't stuck in one spot. I hadn't thought about Puerto Rico, I'll have to check it out!

  4. still waiting here, little over 2 1/2 months. my to-do list consists of paying the "bills" for the things like the dj, etc. i still need to put together my programs, get the boys fitted for their lil tuxes, purchase gifts for parents and attendants, we STILL have not purchased our wedding bands!! ugh!