Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Work Out Wagon Results – Week #7

Last Week’s Stats: Weight – 146
Tummy – 32/37 (true waist / “tummy”)
Thighs – 23.25

Last Week’s Goals: (I’ve once again put my actual results in BOLD) Continue to Couch Potato to 5K running plan – moving on to the next week’s workout – run three times during the week Ran Sunday, Monday and Saturday – LONG break in between runs – more on that down below
One additional ab workout during the week Yeah, I’m a stinker - NONE
NO sodas during the week! I broke down and had a soda several days this week – BOO!

Current Stats:
Weight – 147
Tummy – 32/36.75 (true waist / “tummy”)
Thighs – 23.25

Here are my goals for this week:
To actually follow the goals that I set out to follow…
Move to next step of Couch Potato to 5K running plan – run a minimum of three times during the week
Take only one day a week off of SOME form of exercise – days not running either do a P90X workout or swim
NO SODAS during the week!!!

I feel really badly about my progress, or lack there of, for last week. I don’t really have an excuse, except maybe lack of willpower. You see, my birthday fell during the week last week…and although typically a birthday only covers ONE DAY…I feel like I celebrated all week long. Maybe you didn’t catch that…let me say it again. I celebrated all week long. All. Week. Long.

Yeah. So I was a bad little bride-to-be…and I GAINED weight this past week. I started off the week right…running the first two days of my week (since I count Sunday as the start of the week)…and then I’m not really sure what happened. A break on Tuesday since I had run Sunday and Monday turned into a four-day long break. Not really sure what all happened. I know that on Wednesday it was Mr. CC's last baseball game of the "season" and I didn't want to miss it. The weather probably also attributed to my lack of wanting to run - it's been in the triple digits everyday here in Texas. It's even still hot at 9 o'clock at night...and we're running later and later each night just to avoid death from heat stroke...

Oh well. It’s done. It’s over and there’s not much I can do to change what happened.

The good news? I had a GREAT birthday – ate cake for breakfast…followed by a cupcake after lunch…and another half after dinner. Yeah. Maybe I can understand why there was weight gain! LOL. The surprising thing is that my “true tummy” measurement finally changed, which was shocking considering that my total weight measurement went UP…but I’ll take what good news I can get.

I feel like I need to hit the program really hard this week. Rededicate myself to it all. You’ll notice that my first goal this week was actually to FOLLOW the goals that I lay out for myself. To be perfectly honest, I feel like I’ve let you all down with my lack of dedication last week. I know, I know, it’s not that big of a deal…but still. Being open and honest with my good days and bad days here on this blog holds me accountable. Not just with myself, but with you all.

Is it easier for you to stay on track with your goals if you tell someone else about them? Does that help you stay accountable?

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