Thursday, July 9, 2009

We HAVE a Caterer!!!

Yep, it’s official folks. We. Have. A. Caterer. YEA!

I don’t really remember if I posted about this before or not, so forgive me if I’m repeating an earlier post, please. We had initially looked at the recommended caterer for our venue, Texas Old Town. We had taken a recommendation from a co-worker and contacted Chisholm Trail Bar-B-Que out of Lockhart, Texas – the BBQ capital of Texas. When Mr. CC (since he was in charge of this particular project) called to reserve the date and get pricing and more information, he was sort of given the run around. Not that they wouldn’t commit to doing our wedding reception, but the gentleman that he talked with that day told Mr. CC that there was no need to reserve the date, just to call back a few weeks before the wedding and book it at that time.

Ok, slow down there. NO NEED to reserve the date for OUR wedding?!?! Are you picking up on my shock, here?

But knowing that these smaller BBQ places can be a little more lax on this side of their business, we held our tongues and waited. Now, when I say that we were patient, I don’t mean that we intended to wait until three weeks before the wedding and call to reserve like the guy told us to. No way am I chancing that they’ll get booked, or the prices will change, or something else equally as bad will happen between February (when we first called) and late October. But I was patient and waited until July to call back. I mean, come on, I gave them 5 months…and then I urged Mr. CC to call back again.

Like the good groom that he is, he did so right away. I was on IM with him, so I not-so-patiently waited on the other “side” of the phone call. When he didn’t respond for a minute, I assumed that all was going well. Then he IMed me that the guy that takes care of those things was on the other line booking a wedding and Mr. CC would have to call back later.


Lucky for us, when Mr. CC called back and talked with Danny, the caterer manager over at Chisholm Trail, he actually OFFICIALLY booked us down for that Saturday night in October and had a LOT more details than the previous person did. In fact, Danny laughed and knew exactly who we had talked with when we called before and he said not to worry, that was the owner that we had talked with and he was WAY more relaxed about things than most brides and grooms. Understanding that other people might need a little more reassurance than the owner is willing to give, Danny had sort of taken over this aspect of their business, and was able to give us exactly what we were looking for.

He still didn’t want a deposit…I guess that’s good for us. But we ordered the three-meat meal. Chisholm Trail will show up at TOT at 6pm and start setting up the spread while we’re finishing up family pictures and our other guests are mingling. The food will be ready to serve at 6:30pm. We’ll do it all buffet-style, but they will provide the servers at each station so that all the guests have to do is point and take. Chisholm Trail is providing brisket, chicken and sausage for the meats, along with beans, potato salad, and cole slaw as the sides. (I’m a little disappointed that there’s no mac ‘n cheese, but what can a girl do?) They also provide tea to drink, including all the lemons and sweeteners for that. Good deal. And they’re doing it all for WELL under 10 dollars per person. (The price actually went up .25 from when they quoted us before, but I’m not going to bicker over a quarter – pick your battles, right?)

I’m relieved (except about the mac ‘n cheese) that we now have a caterer. Someone that I KNOW will be there, and I can take this off of my list of things to do. Truthfully it was already off of my actual to do list, since I knew that they were going to do it, but it’s more official now.

Were you lucky enough to find a caterer that was this easy to work with too? Have you ever heard of a vendor NOT wanting a deposit for their services? This makes TWO vendors like this for us…

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