Monday, July 27, 2009

I feel a little better…

Well, the sense of impending doom and gloom is gone...for now. Don’t worry, I’m not silly enough to think that it’s gone forever! I just had a really productive weekend...and I even travelled out of town for a “family” member’s wedding!

So here’s the skinny and what I’m proud to share:

- I FINISHED the 120 arcs that make up the wedding rings on our guest quilt!!! Yeah, go ahead, do a little happy dance with me – you KNOW that I did one Friday night when I realized that I was done!
- The signing pieces are all traced and cut (THANK YOU to Mom and B for taking charge of that project while I was in my “injured” state this weekend!). I also put the “signing border” on all of them last night and attached them all to freezer paper. Nearly done with what I can do before the signing pieces are signed...which is a BIG relief! I even went ahead and put the sewing machine up – you can see our dining room table again!
- The wedding invitations got a final proof from Mom this weekend (she’s the BEST at catching things!)
- I did an almost perfect trial mock-up of the invitation suite Friday night – Printer Beast 4...Fair Maiden 2! After the corrections are made, I’ll start running those bad boys off this week...
- We left Mom’s house early yesterday to make some decisions regarding the men’s attire, and got LOTS done and decided...more to come on that later!
- I got a rough draft of our ceremony that I “think” that I to pass it off to B to see what he likes/doesn’t like.
- I weighed in this morning and didn’t lose any progress on my fitness goals. I was worried about this as I missed two normal workout days last week and ate horribly over the weekend!

Looking back at it now, it doesn’t seem like all that much, but I tell you, I re-did my To Do list this morning as it was looking a little rough...and it’s back down to just one page (front only!)! YEA!

So, I was either really productive this weekend, or I removed some things that were on the To Do list that didn’t need to be there yet. Or maybe it was a combination of both. Either way, I feel a little better than I did when I wrote this post the other day.

Any other brides out there have a productive weekend? Is it really possible to knock just a few little things off of your To Do list and feel THIS much better?

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